Bush: ‘We ought to explore’dumping IRS for sales tax

By WND Staff

In a campaign forum yesterday in Niceville, Fla., President Bush spoke positively about ending the income tax and replacing it with a national sales tax.

“It’s an interesting idea,” Bush told an “Ask President Bush” forum, Reuters reported. “You know, I’m not exactly sure how big the national sales tax is going to have to be, but it’s the kind of interesting idea that we ought to explore seriously.”

President Bush

As WorldNetDaily reported, in his upcoming book, “Speaker: Lessons from Forty Years in Coaching and Politics,” House Speaker Dennis Hastert says dumping the IRS – sure to be immensely popular with voters – will be the centerpiece of President Bush’s domestic agenda in a second term.

Hastert, for his part, says he will push for replacing the nation’s current tax system with a national sales tax or a value added tax.

“People ask me if I’m really calling for the elimination of the IRS, and I say I think that’s a great thing to do for future generations of Americans,” he writes in “Speaker.”

Though Hastert and other GOP leaders have praised the concept of tax simplification over the last 3 1/2 years, the U.S. tax code has been expanded by over 10,000 pages as the Bush tax cuts and other changes – part of a total of 227 changes to the code – were implemented.

“Pushing reform legislation will be difficult,” admits Hastert. “Change of any sort seldom comes easy. But these changes are critical to our economic vitality and our economic security abroad.”

While Hastert talks positively about the proposal, he didn’t think Bush would push it as a campaign issue.

“I think he’s on board on the litigation issue and the regulation issue,” he told the Associated Press last week. As for the tax proposals, however, Hastert said, “I think that’s a piece they don’t want to bite off in the campaign. They have other things they want to talk about.”

Hastert’s comments ignited a firestorm on the Internet and talk radio as people discussed the possibility of replacing the federal income tax.

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