How John Kerry can get my vote

By Craige McMillan

Popular press wisdom holds that America is divided, you and I have already made up our minds on how to vote, and that except for one lone, swing voter who could have been persuaded last week – nothing the candidates do or say matters. So far, this view hasn’t stopped the Bush and Kerry campaigns and their sugar-daddy 527s from dumping millions into the media’s advertising coffers.

Well, I think it’s time to go on record as saying this common press wisdom is nonsense. Conservatives could very well be persuaded to vote for John Kerry. First, however, we’d have to know who John Kerry is. And in this arena, actions speak louder than words. Here are some suggestions that would make a Kerry presidency more appealing to conservatives.

Many conservatives worry that the Democratic Party is nothing more than a loose-knit collection of social extremists intent on moving their particular agenda out into the mainstream, regardless of the cost to the rest of us. And at the top of that list is homosexuality. Conservatives see the Catholic Church facing bankruptcy and ruin because homosexuals infiltrated the seminaries and recruited their boy-lovers as students into the priesthood. These recruits took their newfound “wisdom” into the parish, where they perfected it on the alter boys.

We worry that the same thing could happen to public education if John Kerry is elected president. We don’t want to send our 8-year-olds into NAMBLA-staffed, government quota-managed classrooms, where our kids can be “educated” about gay sex in public restrooms. The Kerry campaign could demonstrate its commitment to children and families by supporting a traditional marriage amendment and re-criminalizing homosexual behavior.

Truth is an important element in political life, and here the Democrats have been very active. They have condemned the lies they say emanate from the Bush administration, and they promise things will be different under a Kerry administration. Unfortunately, things don’t look any different to those of us who have been watching the Kerry campaign in action. The senator calls himself a Vietnam hero, while his opposition says his wounds were self-inflicted for an early-out to combat. The truth shouldn’t be hard to discern: Let’s have a look at all of candidate Kerry’s military records, not the selective batch of unreadable scanned images now on his website.

Ditto for Theresa’s tax returns. This includes both her personal and private foundation taxes. That would be 2003’s taxes, which she has delayed filing, and the returns from earlier years that she is currently amending. After enduring so many years of the incumbent’s “lying,” we’d like to see if the Kerrys “walk the talk” of paying their “fair share.” Or is Theresa using her two private foundations to avoid paying her “fair share” on her capital gains? As voters, we are placed in the position of being “judge, jury, and executioner.” We’d like to have the facts before we pull the voting lever this fall.

Finally, terrorism is a nasty problem. Many conservatives believe that unless we take decisive action, it’s only going to get worse. Unfortunately, recently captured computer disks indicate that terrorist organizations are, at heart, family businesses. This connectedness makes it nearly impossible for the CIA to infiltrate terrorist groups. Our agents just are not “part of the family.”

Yet, this may also be the greatest opportunity for John Kerry to demonstrate his toughness under fire. By ordering a hit on bin Laden’s entire extended family, he could take a significant bite out of terrorism. Financing this effort should be well within Theresa’s means. And under a Kerry presidency, perhaps even the Internal Revenue Service could see their way clear to considering the payments a charitable deduction.

So the Democrats should take heart. Conservatives are out here – we leave fewer hanging chads and lost electrons in the voting booth than our leftist brethren, and with the right combination of words and actions we can indeed be persuaded that a Kerry presidency is in the nation’s best interests. Now get to work!