Triple-shocker on same-sex marriage

By WND Staff

New Jersey Gov. James McGreevey’s bombshell announcement yesterday that he is “a gay American” – coming on the same day the California Supreme Court ruled that some 4,000 same-sex marriages were invalid – has prompted WorldNetDaily to offer, FREE until 10 p.m. Pacific, three exclusive investigative blockbusters that literally rip the glossy veneer off the most sophisticated and successful marketing campaign in modern political history, that of the “gay rights” movement.

Indeed, despite the court’s decision, the powerful homosexual activist movement and its attorneys yesterday vowed to strike back later this year and prove in court that prohibiting same-sex marriage is unconstitutional.

“For Americans who are outraged at how the radical ‘gay rights’ movement is changing the nation, who still remember the America of Ronald Reagan, and who want to fight the good fight for real marriage and morality,” said WND Vice President and Managing Editor David Kupelian, “these special reports are the most valuable, spine-straightening resources they’ll find on the subject.”

Specifically, until the offer ends tonight, everyone who subscribes to WND’s acclaimed Whistleblower magazine, renews or gives a gift Whistleblower subscription will receive, as our FREE gifts:

  • “GAY RIGHTS’ SECRET AGENDA” – one of WorldNetDaily’s most controversial, hard-hitting special reports ever published, is subtitled, “How the homosexual activist movement has targeted America’s children.”

    “This issue of the magazine is breathtaking,” said Editor and CEO Joseph Farah. “I don’t think most people, even WND’s sophisticated readership, know what ‘gay rights’ is really all about. This issue just vaporizes the movement’s slick marketing veneer, and then documents thoroughly the nightmarish world these powerful, well-funded activists have in store for America’s children.”

  • “SEXUAL ANARCHY” – the electrifying, inside story behind the “spontaneous” wildfire of same-sex marriages that swept across America recently – how it was planned, how it spread, and how it is on the verge of becoming the law of the land throughout America.

    Most importantly, this report showcases in detail, for the first time, how people can and are fighting back against the sexual anarchy sweeping the land, in a last-ditch effort to save not only marriage, but the very soul of America.

  • “THE END OF MARRIAGE?” – An uncommonly insightful and powerful look at the institution of marriage – and the rapidly expanding movement to radically redefine, and many say, destroy it.

    “This wonderful issue of Whistleblower is both a celebration of real marriage, and a devastating expose of what’s wrong with same-sex marriage,” said Farah. The issue takes an unusually fresh and penetrating look at the “divine institution,” going well beyond the usual arguments in defense of marriage and in opposition to same-sex unions.

    “‘THE END OF MARRIAGE,'” said Farah, “is a beautiful, powerful journalistic blockbuster on perhaps the most important – and now, the most threatened – institution known to man.”

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