‘Healing’ via human sacrifice

By Kelly Hollowell

Deceptive, irresponsible, outrageous hype and blatant lies – these are the tools being used to convince people that changing administrations from Bush to Kerry will lead to cures for all their present and future suffering from illness and disease.

The worst news of all – it’s working.

Polls by the University of Pennsylvania National Annenberg Election Survey found that 64 percent of Americans now favor federal funding of the human cloning called embryonic stem-cell research. NBC reported a poll last month where 71 percent said they agreed with supporters of human cloning for therapeutic purposes. And the director of Pew Research Center For The People & The Press affirms that opinion is changing in favor of this research.

So it appears through the magic of redefining terms, high-profile spokesmen, millions in state-level funding and a deceitful political campaign, pro-lifers are once again on their heels.

The success of this well-coordinated human-cloning movement was best illustrated last month at the Democratic National Convention when Ron Reagan gave an impassioned speech urging delegates to cast a vote for ESCR in November. This was a tacit endorsement of Kerry who promises to reverse the Bush policy on ESCR by lifting restrictions and increasing federal funding for human-cloning experiments.

In his speech, Reagan assured listeners that in the process of “creating your own personal biological repair kit” (that is, a clone of yourself) “no fetal tissue is involved” and that “no fetuses are created or destroyed.”

Technically, I have to admit that’s true. Because since Roe v. Wade, technical and legal labels have been created and assigned to describe various stages of development of the unborn child. These terms are designed and intended to promote a decrease in value of the unborn child necessary to appease the consciences of those willing to sacrifice them.

For example, from conception through 8 weeks, the unborn child is technically called an embryo. From 9 weeks until birth (at 40 weeks) the unborn child is technically called a fetus. A baby, on the other hand, is a name reserved for a child living outside the womb, i.e., one who has been born.

The great significance of these legal and technical terms is that they predict the legal status and moral treatment the unborn child will receive. This includes not only abortion but also creation of embryos for implantation, freezing “leftover” embryos, human experimentation, research and now human cloning.

So fluid use of these terms is how the likes of Ron Reagan can “rightfully” make their case for human cloning and ESCR and still sleep at night. No fetus is created or destroyed because the human life created is sacrificed before it reaches the age of 9 weeks. That means only embryos are created and destroyed.

Reagan further asserted these “are not human beings.” They “have no fingers or toes, no brain or spinal cord. So allow me to set the record straight.”

From conception the unborn child is genetically human and genetically different from either parent (assuming it is not a clone). The unborn child is also a complete organism, sexually distinct with the ability to self-direct its own growth and development. In the very first month, the brain begins to appear and the heart begins to beat.

By the end of the second month, nearly all organs are in a recognizable state and the unborn child is nearly 30 millimeters in length. General movements, startles, hiccups and forward head movements occur. Local stimuli may even evoke squinting, opening the mouth and partial closing of the fingers. By now the face is unmistakably human and pain pathways run from sensory receptors in the skin to those in the brain.

All of this occurs in the first eight weeks of life before the child is technically called a fetus. Doesn’t this make the continuum of life from conception obvious? That means the deliberate termination of that life whenever it occurs is human sacrifice.

Tragically, the use of legal and misleading terms will continue, not because human cloning offers any real cures but because there is money to be made by big biotech and the states willing to do an end run on federal finance limitations. Specifically, there are immediate tax revenues, industry-related jobs, patents and royalties.

Taking the first bite at this apple are New Jersey and California. New Jersey not only was the first state to pass a cloning and stem-cell research law that allows cloned children to develop full term then be sacrificed for their body parts; the state has also a planned investment of $11.5 million in seed money this year to fund the Stem Cell Institute of New Jersey. California has followed New Jersey’s lead with Proposition 71, a November ballot measure asking voters to endorse a $3 billion dollar Stem Cell Research and Cures Initiative.

This means that the propagandist campaign to accept, approve and finance human cloning and sacrifice will persist. The question is will the American people really believe “The Big Lie” of the 21st century?