Vets’ evidence against
Kerry ironclad

By Henry Lamb

John McCain dishonored himself when he appeared with John Kerry to denounce the statements of the Vietnam veterans who say John Kerry is unfit to be commander in chief. McCain obviously spoke before he knew the facts.

The Kerry campaign and much of the media went ballistic when a television ad featuring several veterans who oppose Kerry’s candidacy was aired by Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. The Kerry campaign immediately launched a campaign to get TV stations to bar the ad, threatening legal repercussions.

The vets for truth are not backing down. The group’s attorney, John E. O’Neill, replied with a letter setting forth extensive documentation of the statements made in the advertisement.

Kerry’s third Purple Heart, for example, which entitled him to reassignment away from the battlefield, was awarded fraudulently, according to O’Neill’s documentation. No one who reads O’Neill’s complete document can doubt the authenticity of his evidence. Dozens of outright lies and fabrications from the Kerry campaign are fully documented.

The photograph that John Kerry so blatantly used in his campaign to show his “Band of Brothers” includes only one surviving veteran who supports him. Eleven of the others issued a cease and desist letter demanding that Kerry stop using the photograph.

On May 4, hundreds of Vietnam veterans signed a letter delivered to John Kerry that asked him to unseal his military records so the American people could see for themselves how his record belies his campaign rhetoric.

Were there no other reason to reject John Kerry as president, the testimony of these veterans is sufficient. But there are more reasons, many more.

Kerry’s campaign contends George Bush “abandoned our allies” in his “rush” to war. The fact is clear: Our allies abandoned George Bush when he demanded action after the U.N.’s failure to enforce its own resolutions.

His campaign contends that Kerry can woo Germany, France and Russia into supporting our war efforts. The only way this can possibly happen is to give them what they want: control over the United States through the United Nations.

Even though Kerry said during his convention that he would not allow the U.N. to veto U.S. actions, in 1970, he told the Harvard Crimson: “I’d like to see our troops dispersed through the world only at the directive of the United Nations.”

It is clear that Kerry’s word cannot be trusted – his actions, though, cannot be ignored.

Since immediately after his return from Vietnam, his actions have displayed contempt for the military, which, by virtue of his trumped-up war rhetoric, he now claims the right to command. His voting record in the Senate displays contempt for the CIA, which he now wants to command.

There is yet another reason to reject John Kerry as president of the United States. The next president will almost certainly appoint as many as four Supreme Court justices.

These appointments will influence the direction of America long after John Kerry and George Bush are forgotten. The legacy left in the Supreme Court by the next president will determine whether “under God” remains in the Pledge of Allegiance; whether the Second Amendment stands; whether private property will continue to be private; whether “international law” will influence the court’s decisions; in short, whether the U.S. Constitution or the United Nations will define America’s sovereignty.

When viewed in this light, it is hard to imagine how anyone could support John Kerry for president. Reality demands awareness that integrity, honesty, even character, no longer matter for nearly half of the electorate. But perhaps more important in the November elections are those who ignore reality. George Bush (41) was denied a second term not by the Democrats, but by conservatives who chose to support Ross Perot as an expression of their unwillingness to continue to vote for the “lesser of two evils.” In so doing, America got the worst of the candidates.

Disappointment among conservatives is again putting a Republican presidency in peril. By not voting, “voting your conscience,” or not voting for the “lesser of two evils,” as perceived by many conservatives, John Kerry could very well be the next president. Reality dictates that the next president will be either a Democrat or a Republican. Despite the efforts of the veterans and the Bush campaign, it is entirely possible that the most conservative of the conservatives will usher John Kerry into the White House – as Perot supporters did for Bill Clinton.