Online poll on Palestinian state

By WND Staff

American Christian Zionists are conducting a national referendum on the creation of a Palestinian state hoping to impress President Bush with opposition to his “roadmap” plan.

“Do you support the creation of a PLO state in the Land of Israel?” is the question Christians across America are being asked to vote on through an initiative of the Global Israel Alliance and Americans for a Safe Israel.

The referendum ballots are being disseminated through every church and community center that considers itself within the Christian Zionist spectrum.

Those wishing to take part can also vote online.

When tabulated, say the organizers, the results will be presented to every member of Congress, to Republican National Committee Chairman Ed Gillespie and to the president.

The goal of the project is to gather 1 million votes, with the vast majority presumably voting against such a state. The organizers then plan to put all the ballots in an 18-wheel tractor-trailer and drive them to the White House, followed by tens of thousands of supporters, in advance of the presidential elections.