The corporatistas

By Joseph Farah

There’s a myth underlying American politics that suggests corporate America is stuffy, conservative, resistant to social change – maybe even right-wing in its ideological orientation.

If that myth were reality, how would one explain last month’s annual meeting of the American Civil Liberties Union in San Francisco?

Among the corporate sponsors of this outrageous, anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-Western, anti-constitutional organization were AT&T, Cigna, Verizon, the Smith Company and Reebok.

Why would American corporations like those support an annual meeting of the ACLU?

Why would they risk alienating their own customer base by supporting extremists?

Why would they take corporate earnings and divert them to support of a group that seeks to turn America upside-down?

You can form your own conclusions. My guess is that people on their board of directors and in their corporate board rooms do so for several reasons:

  • They are buying protection, believing the legal predators at the ACLU won’t come gunning for them if they throw some money their way.

  • They genuinely support some or all of the causes the ACLU spearheads.

  • They don’t fully understand the kind of extremist action they are funding.

  • They are guilty about the profits they are raking in and this kind of check-writing makes them feel better about themselves.

Whatever their motivations, corporate America is guilty of doing exactly what Lenin predicted they would do – selling the rope that would be used to hang them, or, in this case, giving it away. Let’s call them what they are – America’s corporatistas.

The news media generally is very supportive of the ACLU agenda, but even the establishment press understands this organization is out there on the edge. For instance, here’s the way the largest news-gathering organization in the world, the very mainstream, plain-vanilla Associated Press reported the ACLU annual meeting in San Francisco last month:

Can San Francisco get any more liberal?

It’s home to gay marriage, medical marijuana, Haight-Ashbury and free love. Beginning Tuesday, there’s an additional 2,000 card-carrying members of the American Civil Liberties Union here for the 84-year-old group’s annual meeting.

Watch Michael Moore’s ‘Fahrenheit 9-11. Get instruction on social activism. Send a message to a member of Congress, learn about racial profiling and the First Amendment or get a lesson in bioethics.

The agenda for the meeting featured San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, who talked about how he broke the law to marry thousands of same-sex couples. It included an address from Richard Clarke, the discredited former National Security Council member, former presidential candidate Howard Dean, Daniel Ellsberg and Charles Moose, the black former Maryland police chief so personally opposed to “racial profiling” that he held back descriptions of the dark-skinned Beltway snipers for weeks, permitting them to kill more innocent people.

Let’s face facts. I say this as a person who sometimes agrees with the ACLU. Generally speaking, it is a terribly subversive organization. It is a clear and present danger to national security and the long-term health of our free republic.

Does it have a right to do what it does in America? Of course. But responsible, thinking Americans have a right and a duty to denounce it for what it is. Corporate America has a responsibility to do that, too. Instead, a significant slice of corporate America is supporting it with the money it collects from you – its customers.

Now you know the truth about this sick, symbiotic relationship between the boardroom fat cats and the lawyers who are driving America to the brink of social disaster.

And you, as a patriotic American who believes in the rule of law, the will of the people and other basic principles of self-government, have a right and an obligation to deny those same corporations your business.

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