‘Dead’ illegal phones home

By WND Staff

U.S. authorities informed a Mexican’s family he had drowned in the Rio Grande trying to cross into the country illegally – but the man is alive and well, having called his relatives in Mexico several days after jumping the border.

Omar Garcia, a 25-year-old father of one, says he sneaked into the U.S. and is living in Brownsville, Texas, the Associated Press reported.

His family was stunned to hear from him.

“He told me, ‘Mama I couldn’t call earlier because they robbed me and I couldn’t afford a phone card until now,'” Garcia’s mother, Margarita Escobedo, said.

Last week, a Starr County investigator informed the family a man carrying a wallet containing Garcia’s ID – apparently the person who robbed him – had drowned in the border river. Family members were not allowed to view the body but identified it only through pictures, the AP reported.

Garcia’s kin now want the man to be granted legal U.S. residency and are demanding the government pay a $2,500 funeral-home bill related to the burying of a different man.

“The only thing I want is that they leave my son alone so that he can work,” Garcia’s father, Omar, told AP. “I ask that they put his papers in order.”

According to the report, an officer at the Starr County Sheriff’s Department wouldn’t comment on the case and said the investigator in charge was not working today.

Sandra Mendoza, a spokeswoman for the Mexican consulate in McAllen, Texas, said the body was not shown to relatives because it was badly decomposed.