McGreevey is not ‘gay’

By WND Staff

The bombshell that Gov. James McGreevey dropped recently was not about being gay. It may have been about being a sleazy, cheating husband, a terrible father, a dishonest public servant, a failed leader and an atrocious role model, but it wasn’t about being gay – because he’s not.

No one is gay. McGreevey may be participating in “gay” behavior, with all the risks attendant to anal and oral sex with other males – let’s tell the truth here – but he isn’t constitutionally a human different from the other males working in those New Jersey government offices or any place else in New Jersey.

He’s already shown he’s capable of having sex with women. He may have developed a liking for homosexual sex, but that’s just a matter of taste, not biology, since there’s no evidence for a homosexual gene. The major homosexual-rights groups don’t even provide any such evidence, because it doesn’t exist.

What he’s done is what many, many others have done: acted on a desire for unorthodox sexual activity and decided he’s going to keep on doing it, regardless of the impact on others, or on himself.

There is ample evidence all around us that people who might not otherwise do so can develop a preference for homosexual sex. And it works the other way: people who have homosexual desires can decide that heterosexual sex is preferable, although many “experts” tell us this is “impossible.” The facts are that McGreevey could just as easily one day call a press conference to announce he’s become “straight” again.

Like McGreevey, new practitioners of homosexual sex are cropping up every day. Right in our own backyards, husbands who should know better are leaving their wives for boyfriends. Likewise, wives are chucking their husbands for other women. Children are left to sort through the wreckage of selfishness and dysfunction.

But much of the rise in homosexuality is among kids. Bisexuality, a straddling condition between two preferences, is a popular trend among our youth. Some are 17. Some, these days, are 10. It’s easy to see why impressionable kids are falling for this. It’s how they process the incessant suggestions that “You might be ‘gay.'”

How is homosexual desire created? Start with a very self-focused person, maybe a young person who’s growing up and trying to discover him or herself. It helps if this person is a bit of a loner. Add some troubled masculine or feminine identity issues and poor relationships with parents. Pour on a little self-pity and envy: “Why can’t I be more like him or her?” Stir briskly while adding continuous school lessons, TV shows, church “dialogues” and news stories about homosexuality. Capture one’s stirring emotions in an appropriate moral framework. (Hint: Choose one that won’t challenge these emerging desires. New-Age spirituality or atheism are ideal, but traditional faiths won’t work. If necessary, modify them radically to suit your needs.)

Sprinkle in lots of feminist gobbledygook from NOW, Oprah and the DaVinci Code (this is important even if you are male). Whip all this into a frenzy with some alcohol and/or drug use while spicing up the whole concoction with the final, essential ingredient: liberal amounts of ever-available pornography.

It’s an easy, foolproof recipe. Really – anyone can try it, including our children and grandchildren.

Actually they are hearing, like all the rest of us, two totally contradictory things simultaneously. One: “Gay” is an unchanging, probably genetic condition, a minority group deserving of many, many rights. And, two: “Gay” is one orientation, but so is “bisexual” or “straight” and sometimes a person just doesn’t really know. Don’t label yourself if you don’t want to. Madonna can kiss Britney and no one should find this confusing.

So, which is it – fixed or fluid? The homosexual lobby wants it both ways, and it would be comical if the human consequences weren’t so tragic.

A brochure distributed by the National Education Association at its recent convention takes this approach. Titled “Just the Facts about Sexual Orientation and Youth,” it labels as “discrimination” any attempt by schools to inform a student with same-sex desires about the option of heterosexuality. This is considered an attempt to force “religion” on these students, as if only the very religious think homosexuality is wrong.

This brochure describes sexual orientation as an “enduring” condition. Then in virtually the next sentence, sexual orientation is described as something that “falls along a continuum” that “develops across a person’s lifetime.” Students will probably experiment sexually and that’s normal.

Oh, except for one thing. Schools must not encourage kids to move from homosexuality back to heterosexuality. The not-so-veiled threat is that, we will sue your behinds off if you do.

It’s a kind of Homo-monopoly. Land on “Gay” and you go directly to jail. You are stuck there, too, if you depend on the homosexual lobby, because that’s where – like in McGreevey’s case – they want and need you to be. Only if you are blessed enough to have someone with some sense, perhaps a Christian, come along and hand you a “Get Out Of Jail” card with information about the real options – can you escape from all this “freedom.”

The Human Rights Campaign hailed McGreevey for his “courage.” If homosexual marriage is legalized, will every homosexual who cheats on his or her same-sex “spouse” be hailed as similarly “courageous”? Or will HRC call them the slimebags they are? Or are people only courageous if they reject heterosexuality?

All marriages might not be equal, after all.

No, HRC, McGreevy did not exhibit courage. Real courage would be to go back to his wife.

Linda Harvey is president of Mission America, a pro-family organization which monitors homosexual activism in youth culture.