Kerry ex-lover’s site goes down

By WND Staff

The website of John Kerry’s former lover was taken off the Internet just as a story was published about a book the woman has written.

According to the New York Daily News, Lee Whitnum dated Kerry for 20 months in the early ’90s when he was between wives. The woman, now in her 40s, used the pen name Lee Roystone to write a novel, “The Hedge Fund Mistress,” based on a Kerry-like character who tries to become president.

Whitnum’s website is, but curiously, when attempting to access the site this morning, users get the follow message: “Site Temporarily Disabled. This site has been temporarily disabled. If you are the owner of the site, please contact customer care.”

If a site is bogged down with an unusual amount of traffic, as would occur with the publication of the Net address online, the normal result would be for a surfer to receive a “Page cannot be displayed” error, not “This site has been temporarily disabled.” The message suggests the site was intentionally removed from the Web.

Whitnum told the paper Kerry liked to cook seafood for them and used to “whisper sweet nothings in her ear – in French – during moments of passion.”

The novelist said on her site’s blog that she worried if her book were released before the election it might hurt Kerry’s chances. She plans to sell the self-published work through her website, but only after Nov. 2.

“By the time John Kerry won Iowa, this novel was mainly completed,” she wrote on the blog, according to the report.

Whitnum says she “hates” talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh, whom she calls “The Rash” in her book, and was afraid he might exploit the novel to harm Kerry.

“There is a chapter on a character who dated a United States senator. When John won, my first reaction was: What do I do now? Shelve my book? Rewrite the book?

“That portion of the book is crucial to the story. It puts me in a strange situation because I do not want my personal experience with him to be twisted and I put nothing past the right-wing talk show hosts – especially in such a close election.”

Before the site went down, the New York paper reports, it featured a “John Kerry Scrapbook” including several photos of the senator and his then-lover. It also featured an account of their romance and several exhortations to support Kerry for president.

Whitnum told the Boston Herald Kerry broke her heart: “I was madly in love and he broke my heart. That man broke my heart.”

She says Kerry was quite concerned about keeping the romance a secret and even assigned phony names they could use with each other.

“He was Michael, I was Katherine,” she told the Herald. “It was to keep it quiet in case we needed to reach each other. Once he called my apartment and say in a fake accent, ‘This is Miguel.”’