Al Gore nailed for speeding

By WND Staff

Former presidential candidate Al Gore is facing a $141 speeding ticket after being cited by officers in the small coastal town of Astoria, Ore.

The Democrat who won the popular vote in 2000 but lost the electoral vote was driving a white, four-door Lincoln on his way to visit family on Aug. 3.

Gore, who was alone in the Hertz rental car, was zapped with a radar gun and clocked at 75 mph along Highway 26 where the posted speed limit is 55.

The Oregon state trooper who pulled Gore over didn’t immediately recognize the vice president in the Clinton administration – that is, until Gore supplied his driver’s license.

“He actually went back up and recontacted [Gore], and asked him if he was who he thought he was, and said he was,” OSP Sgt. Andrew Merila told KATU-TV in Portland. “Mr. Gore was very polite and courteous and understood.”

Gore, who barely carried Oregon by a mere 6,765 votes in the 2000 race, was said to be polite during the traffic encounter.

The trooper said Gore, who carried Oregon when he ran for president in 2000, was polite throughout the encounter.

Gore has until 1:30 p.m. on Sept. 13 to pay the ticket or challenge it in court. Should he choose to fight it, he would not need to personally show up for the proceeding, but supply a lawyer or sworn statement.