Iraq: A very dangerous place to do business

By WND Staff

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The news media pummels Halliburton as greedy and guilty of outrageous price gouging while contracting for government work in Iraq. However, Halliburton employees are paying the ultimate sacrifice while meeting the needs of the US military in Iraq. To date, 41 have been killed and scores have been injured as well, which means Halliburton has lost more of its employees than any nation contributing forces to the war in Iraq (except the US)!

You rarely hear about these deaths because the media continues to highlight only the negative items, such as alleged overcharging. You will probably not hear that 40-60% of Iraqi contactors’ income being spent on security. With attacks everyday, that huge expenditure is very understandable.

Does not the mainstream press have an obligation to provide balanced reporting? Is that not what they are supposed to do?

Instead, the nightly news focuses on the “outrageous” cost of soft drinks that Halliburton is supplying our troops. What you aren’t told about are the dangers to the employees, the costs for gasoline, food, and water, the costs for security, or any other costs. If Wal-Mart had the same expenses, you wouldn’t find prices so cheap!

If only the media would give a balanced report.

Halliburton employs staff from many nations and the sacrifices of these brave men and woman needs to be understood and appreciated on equal footing with the sacrifice of servicemen and servicewomen.

King Solomon wrote, “Any story sounds true until someone sets the record straight” (Proverbs 18:17 NLT). The next time you hear allegations of price gouging by Halliburton, remember the 41 employees who have died, the scores wounded, and the extreme cost of providing security BEFORE deciding if the allegations are true.

Steve Marr is the former CEO of the fourth largest import-export firm in the U.S., a company which facilitated international trade for many of the largest companies in America. Currently, Steve consults with with businesses and ministries utilizing ancient Biblical principles for success in today’s marketplace. Click here to contact Steve, or visit his website at