Kerry ex-lover’s site back up

By WND Staff

The website of the woman who dated John Kerry for over a year and a half in the early ’90s is back up after being offline much of the day yesterday.

As WorldNetDaily reported, Lee Whitnum, who dated Kerry for 20 months when he was between wives, used the pen name Lee Roystone to write a novel, “The Hedge Fund Mistress,” based on a Kerry-like character who tries to become president.

She is using her website,, to take orders for her self-published book, which she says will not be released until after the presidential election so as not to negatively affect Kerry’s chances.

When attempting to access the site yesterday morning, users get the follow message: “Site Temporarily Disabled. This site has been temporarily disabled. If you are the owner of the site, please contact customer care.”

If a site is bogged down with an unusual amount of traffic, as would occur with the publication of the Net address online, the normal result would be for a surfer to receive a “Page cannot be displayed” error, not “This site has been temporarily disabled.” The message suggests the site was intentionally removed from the Web.

The site was back up last night, but the page that at one time included photos of Kerry and Whitnum had been sanitized.

Wrote Whitnum on her site: “I will be removing the John Kerry scrapbook – I just can’t right now. I like it. I took off some of the controversial stuff.”

Included on the scrapbook page now is just one picture of Kerry alone.

Whitnum, who says Kerry used to whisper to her in French during more passionate moments, posted yesterday that she was excited about getting calls from media:

“Wow. A++ media have called. Amazing. Thanks for your interest. If you are still interested in me or the book in November (after the election) please do call. “Hedge Fund Mistress” will be available everywhere and I will be happy to speak freely.”

Whitnum told the Boston Herald Kerry broke her heart: “I was madly in love and he broke my heart. That man broke my heart.”

She says Kerry was quite concerned about keeping the romance a secret and even assigned phony names they could use with each other.

“He was Michael, I was Katherine,” she told the Herald. “It was to keep it quiet in case we needed to reach each other. Once he called my apartment and say in a fake accent, ‘This is Miguel.”’

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