Allan Wall to report from Iraq

By WND Staff

Columnist Allan Wall begins writing today for WorldNetDaily as he prepares to be deployed to the front lines of the war in Iraq.

Wall, who is well known for his writing on immigration issues, has been published in, WorldNetDaily, FrontPage magazine, Human Events Online, the Long Beach Press-Telegram, the San Francisco Examiner, the Los Angeles Times and other newspapers. His Vdare commentaries, in particular, have focused on the Balkanization of the United States, how immigration is viewed from a Mexican perspective and Mexican government meddling in U.S. internal politics.

Since 1991, Wall has lived and worked in Mexico along with his wife, Lilia, who is a Mexican citizen, and their two sons, David, 5, and Raphael, 2. Lilia holds a bachelor’s degree in chemical pharmaceutical biology and teaches science, and Wall teaches English.

Wall, who was born in Oklahoma, raised on a farm and graduated from a small-town high school, describes himself politically as a disgruntled Republican and recalls that George H.W. Bush was the speaker at his graduation when received his masters degree in English. But he notes that living in Mexico has been a life-changing experience for him, and he now speaks and reads Spanish fluently.

As a member of the Texas Army National Guard, Wall is required to attend monthly drills in Texas. He was recently called up for duty in Iraq in what could be a total 2-year deployment.

Wall has obtained permission from his commanding officer to send dispatches to WorldNetDaily as often as he is able – hopefully daily, but at least weekly – to let our readers know what it’s like to transition from leaving behind family and friends and going off to fight in Iraq.

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