‘American Prophecies’ No. 4
on N.Y. Times list

By WND Staff

After Christian author Mike Evans’ new blockbuster “The American Prophecies” stunned the book world by hitting the New York Times best-seller list even before its official release – nearly unheard-of for any book – it hasn’t stopped, shooting up to the No. 4 spot while simultaneously making No. 9 on the Wall Street Journal Non-fiction list – all in its first week in book stores.

Evans’ latest book, already in its 4th printing after only two weeks of sales, explores the role of America in the fulfillment of biblical prophecies. The book hit the top of the Barnes & Noble chart on just its second day of release, after beating out Bill Clinton’s “My Life” on its way to No. 1 on Amazon.

To reach No. 1 at Barnes & Noble, “The American Prophecies” had to leapfrog over “The 9/11 Commission Report” and “Unfit for Command.”

In his latest book, noted Middle East analyst Evans sheds light on political events from a prophetic perspective. He reveals how the hatred from the Arab world for the West, and toward America in particular, can be traced entirely to this nation’s identification with Israel.

“America flirts with danger,” Evans says, “when it accommodates the Arab world merely for the sake of oil.”

According to Evans, hatred for America began long before Sept. 11, 2001. America is targeted because of its friendship with Israel, its foundation on a Judeo-Christian system and its basis in democracy. All of these factors contribute to the enmity of terrorist groups and, he suggests, the attacks will continue.

As WorldNetDaily reported, Evans’ previous book, “Beyond Iraq,” came out of nowhere last year to knock Hillary Clinton’s “Living History” out of Amazon’s No. 2 slot.

Author Evans – confidante of leaders in the Middle East and adviser to U.S. presidential administrations – was one of a handful of journalists permitted in the press pool at the Royal Palace in Madrid, and was the first journalist to confront James Baker during that press conference. At the United Nations in Geneva, Mr. Evans challenged Yasser Arafat to renounce the Palestinian Liberation Organization Covenant that calls for the destruction of the Jewish State. He was also among the journalists permitted to interview Mohammed Khalid, the commander of the Arab multi-national forces during the Persian Gulf War in 1991.

He has covered many of the significant events that have transpired in the Middle East, including the 43rd General Assembly in Geneva in 1988, the Madrid Peace Conference in 1991, the White House Peace Accords in 1993, and the state funeral of Yitzhak Rabin.

Evans’ book surpassed Bill Clinton’s “My Life” on both the Amazon.com and B&N.com bestseller lists, eventually reaching the No. 1 slot.

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