Israel, Palestinians trade warning leaflets

By Aaron Klein

Israeli helicopters dropped leaflets in Palestinian territories yesterday warning residents against allowing terrorists to use their property to launch rockets, and in response, Hamas dropped leaflets of its own encouraging residents to kill Jews and kidnap Israeli soldiers, an IDF source told WorldNetDaily.

The leaflet exchanges followed Hamas’ firing of several homemade mortar shells at the Jewish settlement of Neveh Dekalim in the southern Gaza Strip. The mortars exploded at an empty area and caused no injuries.

Israeli helicopters then dropped hundreds of leaflets over the northern Gaza town of Beit Hanoun, warning residents against helping Palestinian terrorists launch homemade rockets against Israel.

The leaflets threatened to destroy the residents’ houses and raze their cultivated land if they were proved to be involved in aiding terrorism. The leaflets also demanded the Palestinian terrorists surrender to the Israeli troops.

But Hamas then distributed leaflets of their own that claimed operations “against the Israeli enemy are only the beginning” and will continue.

“We’ll turn the land under their feet into firebrands until they agree to the demands of the Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli jails,” the leaflets asserted.

The leaflets also asked Palestinians to strike the Israeli enemy at any place and at any time, even killing and kidnapping Israeli soldiers “until they know that the Palestinian will can’t be defeated.”

With Palestinian suicide bombers unable to infiltrate Israel because of the security fences in the West Bank and Gaza, military analysts say it’s almost certain the terror organizations will continue to switch tactics to firing rockets from Palestinian areas deep into Israel.

Hamas announced last month it is manufacturing a new kind of rocket, the Nasser 3, the most powerful and furthest reaching rocket produced yet in the Palestinian territories. The rocket carries a five-kilogram warhead to a range of nine kilometers and has a standard explosive warhead combined with metal fragments and a standard fuse.

Previously, the Palestinians had been using Qassam 2 rockets, which used improvised fuses and warheads that didn’t always explode upon impact. The Nasser 3 is built to guarantee an explosion.