Opposite sides of the same coin

By Mychal Massie

It occurs to me that radical, bloodthirsty Muslims and elitist, socialistic liberals are opposite sides of the same coin, with the same agenda.

Radical, bloodthirsty Muslims come from nothing, have nothing, produce nothing, stand for nothing (save murder and brutality) and go to nothing (70 virgins notwithstanding).

Elitist, socialistic liberals come from something substantive that they want to reduce to nothing – e.g., traditional marriage to homosexual marriage; have everything – which they want to keep – while eliminating that which others have; arguably stand for little that is of value or substance; and support an aberrant brutality which, out of respect for my readers, I will simply say is too sensitive to expound on. The one thing they transparently share in common is their unambiguous desire to silence all who differ or disagree and their attempts to sensor and exchange truth for lies.

It matters not how crazed terrorists elect to spin it – their history is little more than a line through time with spikes and dips representing famine, war, conquest, slavery, plunder, nomadic journeys, ignorance and paganism.

Socialistic liberals are the recipients of unparalleled accomplishment and successes which were born by ragtag groups of prisoners, persecuted religious groups, adventurers and seekers of fortune, who came to a new world seeking opportunity denied them in their countries of origin.

It took American technology, ingenuity and resolve to make available to the wandering marauders of the Middle East wealth beyond measure in the form of oil. Their appreciation for this assistance has been exampled by murdering their American benefactors, while starving and imprisoning their own people.

It is an irrational resentment of America and a belief that they alone are worthy of her bounty that leads the socialists in this country to reduce accomplishment to levels they are satisfied with.

Keeping people in a state of discontent and ignorant to the truth is necessary for both groups.

Imagine if a Muslim terrorist awakened one day to the truth that Israel is not their enemy, but rather their true enemies were those who lead them.

  • What if – while strapping on their C-4 explosive-laden vests – they came to the realization that it was only the children and parents of the unemployed and poorly educated, with no prospects for a better life, who were blowing themselves up?

  • What if they realized that the Husseins, bin Ladens and Arafats, who were living in luxury – enabled by tens of millions, if not billions, of dollars – were directing them to do that which they were not encouraging their own children to do?

  • What if one bright terrorist fellow came to the realization that his hatred of Israel and America was born out of that which he himself lacks?

  • What if these who are born into generations of hatred and social stagnation were to realize that the correlation between hating us and desiring our goods and way of life should be explored?

If they had a legitimate opportunity to rise from the depths of the arid squalor that is their lives, would it make a difference?

Is it unreasonable to believe if they were able to rise above the caste system they are born into generation after generation that they would realize they are substituting hatred of that around them for what they know we possess?

I think it is not unfair to suggest their leaders understand this – which is why they must hide behind the cloak of pagan aberrant religions, and why those pagan aberrant religions advocate beheading, torture, mutilation of women and self-destruction.

Yet for reasons not unlike those that imprison the terrorists that the elitist, socialist liberals in this country are seemingly intent on eradicating – or at the very least minimizing – our freedoms to a point of no effect. For in so doing, we will not believe and trust in “He” who is above all and over all, but will trust and believe in them.