Report: Dems digging dirt on Swifties

By WND Staff

Democratic operatives reportedly are working feverishly to compile incriminating dossiers on members of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth who have publicly opposed John Kerry’s candidacy.

According to a report in the New York Daily News, one of the targets is veteran James Zumwalt, son of illustrious Adm. Elmo Zumwalt.

The paper says it has received part of the dossier on Zumwalt, which claims he “attempted to kill himself with an overdose of prescription drugs,” after the murder of his ex-wife’s fiance, John Kowalczyk, and was “convicted of reckless driving after chasing Kowalczyk at a high speed on the highway.”

Zumwalt was one of the veterans who signed an initial letter opposing Kerry in May.

Since the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth television ads – which slam the Democrat’s veracity and integrity – began running in battleground states, the Kerry campaign has tried a variety of techniques to combat them. The group’s contentions about Kerry’s service in Vietnam are documented in the blockbuster book “Unfit for Command,” which now tops most national sales charts.