Kerry anti-war group shunned Old Glory

By WND Staff

Vietnam Veterans Against the War, the organization Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry helped lead in the early ’70s after returning from his four-month tour of duty, decided to take down the U.S. flag that hung above the door of its Washington office after it caused “bad feelings.”

The minutes of a July 1971 staff meeting at VVAW include the following item under the heading “Washington office.”

There has been some bad feeling re an american flag being over the door to the Washington VVAW office. Decision was that no flag will be over any VVAW office anywhere.

The word “American” was typed lower-case in the minutes.

The same minutes include a reference to a planned trip to Communist North Vietnam’s capital Hanoi, by the group’s co-chairman, Al Hubbard.

Though he claimed to be an Air Force captain who was severely injured during his service in Vietnam, Hubbard never served in the war. He testified, however, at the 1971 “Winter Soldier investigation” in Detroit, detailing alleged atrocities committed by U.S. military personnel during the war.

The entry about Hubbard states:

Question is up as to whether Al is to go as a representative of VVAW or as a private individual. This is important for several reasons, one of them being how his return from Hanoi will be handled. …

Hubbard made several trips to Hanoi that were paid for by the Communist Party USA.

According to the group’s website, VVAW plans to participate in protests in New York City next week during the Republican National Convention.