Bush documentary to combat Moore film

By Ron Strom

The producers of a documentary about President Bush’s faith hope to educate millions of Christians nationwide about the commander in chief’s spiritual life by distributing DVD copies of the film to 300,000 churches – every church in the country with a mailing address.

“George W. Bush: Faith in the White House,” produced by Grizzly Adams Productions Inc., is a 70-minute examination of the president’s personal practice of Christianity. David W. Balsiger, producer and director of the film, hopes it will serve as a an alternative to filmmaker Michael Moore’s anti-Bush “Fahrenheit 9/11.” Coming out on DVD Oct. 5, Balsiger sees his film going head-to-head with Moore’s. A statement from the production company says it hopes the documentary will “neutralize many Bush-bashers.”

Another outlet for the movie will be the American Film Renaissance festival next month in Dallas. WorldNetDaily is the Internet sponsor of the festival. Balsiger is scheduled to speak at the Dallas event between showings of his film.

The American Film Renaissance festival will also feature two other anti-Michael Moore offerings – “Michael Moore Hates America” and “Michael and Me.”

The company also says the film will be screen four times for Republican National Convention delegates next week at a hotel across from Madison Square Gardens.

Grizzly Adams Productions emphasizes the film was produced without any coordination with the White House or the Bush-Cheney campaign.

The producers say the documentary features “balanced credible research with candid testimony from both critics and supporters that document Bush’s extraordinary faith and prayer life – even before his election to the presidency.”

Says Balsiger: “When it comes to objectivity and a balanced view between our Bush documentary and Moore’s show there is a vast difference. Moore’s show has absolutely no spokesperson from the Bush administration nor anyone else giving an opposing view to anything Moore says in the film.”

Balsiger’s documentary, he says, includes “18 proponent interviewees on Bush’s faith and comments from 10 anti-Bush spokespersons, whose perspectives tend to come from the liberal agenda.”

Carol Wilde, a publicist for Grizzly Adams, told WND that seven Christian television networks plan to broadcast the film in October. She also said secular networks are looking at the possibility of running it.

Part of the strategy for getting the film exposed to Americans is to send a DVD copy to every church in the U.S., which, according to Wilde, is about 300,000.

“We’re in the process of working that out,” she said. “We’re gathering the money together to do that mailing.”

Wilde hopes churches will “show it at some point to their parishioners, giving people an opportunity to come in and watch it.”

The film is based in part on two books examining Bush’s personal faith – David Aikman’s “A Man of Faith: The Spiritual Journey of George W. Bush” and Tom Freiling’s “George W. Bush on God and Country.”

Grizzly Adams Productions says it has produced more than 500 family-friendly TV specials and series for NBC, CBS, Discovery, The Learning Channel, and other networks.

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