Jesus’ return focus of ultimate prophecy investigation

By WND Staff

One of WND’s most sensational products – the comprehensive and acclaimed 6-video prophecy set (including several books) titled “The Road to Armageddon and Beyond” – sold more than 1,100 sets in the last few months until we sold out. Now our warehouse informs us that a few more sets have been found, and so we are offering them to WND readers until these last few are gone.

This extensive video set regularly sells for $129.99 – but WND is selling the last sets at half off – for only $64.99! When they’re gone, they’re gone for good.

The fascinating and vital field of Bible prophecy is rife with contradictory interpretations and speculations based on prophetic scriptures – so much so that many Christians are very selective about who they listen to regarding End-Times issues.

“The Road to Armageddon and Beyond” is a comprehensive prophecy seminar course led by world-famous evangelist and author Dr. Charles Swindoll, president of Dallas Theological Seminary. A professionally edited collection of messages that were recorded live in front of a large audience at the Prestonwood Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas, this acclaimed series includes the following:

  • Video 1: Practical Advice for Perilous Times – by Dr. Charles Swindoll
  • Video 2: The Rapture: The Next Event on God’s Calendar – by Dr. John Walvoord
  • Video 3: The Tribulation: The Worlds’ Future Time of Trouble – by Dr. Mark Bailey
  • Video 4: The Antichrist: Who is The Next World Ruler? – by Dr. Dwight Pentecost
  • Video 5: Babylon: Iraq and the Coming Middle East Crisis – by Dr. Charles Dyer
  • Video 6: The Second Coming: What Are We Looking For? – by Dr. Ronald Allen

In addition to all this, the set includes a facilitator’s guide, a participant’s guide and a 185-page hardcover book that summarizes the contents of the six videos and includes a thorough index. Also included is a promotional / introductory video by Dr. Charles Swindoll.

The entire course is stored in a convenient, compact carrying case, and sells regularly for $129.99 – except WND is making it available, until the last few run out, at the vastly reduced price of $64.99.

Now you can discover how current events in the Middle East, Europe and elsewhere in the world relate to Bible prophecy, the Church and the future. Use these videos to teach yourself and others about what is next.

If you are a Christian and are serious about understanding current world events, this set of six videos and related books is a must.

Order “The Road to Armageddon and Beyond” (normally $129.99) for only $64.99!