Pulitzer winner behind
Kerry POW film

By WND Staff

A Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist and highly decorated Vietnam veteran is behind a new television documentary that features devastating testimony by former POWs of the demoralizing impact of John Kerry’s war-crimes accusations more than 30 years ago.

As WorldNetDaily first reported, the film will be released in September on the heels of a television ad by Swift Boat Veterans for the Truth, which charges Kerry with betrayal for accusing them of war atrocities during his testimony to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in 1971.

But producer Carlton Sherwood says his Red, White and Blue Productions was planning the documentary even before the first ad by the swiftboat vets.

Sherwood also has won a Peabody Award, and The Carlton Sherwood Media Award is named in his honor.

The documentary, titled “Stolen Honor,” now has its own website, which includes sample interviews.

Currently in the final stages of production, it will be available for broadcast and on DVD and VHS video, according to Red, White and Blue Productions.

The film, according to the website, “investigates how John Kerry’s actions during the Vietnam era impacted the treatment of American soldiers and POWs. Using John Kerry’s own words, the documentary juxtaposes John Kerry’s actions with the words of veterans who were still in Vietnam when John Kerry was leading the anti-war movement.”

In a March 12 story by Fox News, Sherwood was noted as being among the veterans who consider Kerry’s 1971 testimony slanderous and concocted to push a political agenda.

“He knew as an officer that those were lies. It never happened,” said Sherwood. “He was principally responsible for cementing the image of Vietnam veterans as drugged-out psychopaths who were totally unrestrained and who were a murderous hoard.”

Among the POWs whose voices are heard in the film are two who spent seven years in prison, Ralph Gaither, a two-time Navy Silver Star winner, and Gen. Robinson Risner.

The film’s narration includes:

“In other wars, captured Americans subjected to the hell of an enemy prison were considered heroes. In other wars, they were not abandoned. In Vietnam , they were betrayed.”

“Little did the American prisoners of war imagine that half a world away events were conspiring to make their precarious situation even more desperate. That an American Naval lieutenant after a four-month tour of duty in Vietnam was meeting secretly in an undisclosed location in Paris with a top enemy diplomat. That this same lieutenant would later join forces with Jane Fonda to form an antiwar group of so-called Vietnam veterans, some of whom would be later discovered as frauds who never set foot on a battlefield. All this culminating in John Kerry’s Senate testimony that would be blared over loud speakers to convince our prisoners that back home they were being accused and abandoned. Enemy propagandists had found a new and willing accomplice.”

Red, White & Blue Productions is a for-profit corporation based in Harrisburg, Pa.

Veterans provided the initial funding of the film’s production costs, the company says, adding it welcomes financial support for its distribution and dissemination.

Sherwood won a Pulitzer Prize for his investigative reporting of a Catholic scandal involving the Pauline Fathers of Doylestown, Pa. He also is known for his inside investigation of Sun Myung Moon’s Unification Church. Sherwood said he entered the probe hoping to uncover dirt about the leader but ended up concluding Moon and his followers “were and continued to be the victims of the worst kind of religious prejudice and racial bigotry this country has witnessed in over a century.”

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