Party politicians: Whores in nice suits

By Kyle Williams

I enjoy politics. I wouldn’t have written a weekly column about for nearly three years if I didn’t. I enjoy politics for two reasons. First, I hold dear certain ideas about life that translate into political issues. Second, there’s an entertainment value to the political system in America – it’s like fitting together a puzzle of values, personalities and allegiance. Yet, despite the importance of politics when it comes to values and the entertainment aspect of it all, politics of late has become nauseating.

I personally don’t care about the swiftboat veterans or their book – the only people who do care are more concerned with damaging John Kerry’s campaign than the real issue. I don’t care about President Bush and Sen. McCain suing the 527s, and I don’t care about Kerry and another one of his stupid statements.

Unfortunately, that’s all we’re going to hear about for the next coming months leading up to Nov. 2. So, I’d like to just shut off the television, the radio and the computer until Nov. 3. Because, in reality, none of it matters much. Yes, the presidential race matters, but the constant regurgitating of news on the part of talk radio and cable news is just too much. Moreover, I’m becoming more and more convinced that this constant barrage of news about scandals, corruption, murder, politics and the otherwise shocking parts of life does more than inform, it desensitizes America.

This is true: Politics has little to do with ideas; it has more to do with power. This is apparent when you look at the GOP’s lead-speakers lineup, which is filled with RINOs and a conservative Democrat. The Republican Party, like the Democratic Party, has more to do with obtaining power – power-broking clubs for whores – than principles. This is apparent when the majority of all political stories have to do with petty exchanges of rhetoric between the parties.

Thus, I have a hard time understanding why so many Americans are wrapped up in politics this year. And, of course, I have a theory about that too. I’m convinced that there are at least four factions among those who are actively involved in following politics.

First, there are the politicians who have a stake in it all for the purpose of power and political game. Others are more caught up in the sensationalism and entertainment that politics generates. For some, it’s about parties – they have an allegiance to the Democrat Party or the Republican Party – it has less to do with educated ideas and more to do with shallow allegiance. For the rest, it has to do with ideas, and whether they are conservative or liberal, this group of people desire to see change in America.

Since I’m a part of this fourth group, I’m just going to ignore the rest. People who earnestly desire to see honest discourse and a change in the conscience of America are fighting an upstream battle against human nature if we choose to take the route of national politics. The truth is politicians, on either side of the aisle, will act with integrity (or at least a perceived integrity) when it is in their political interest. Thus, the organized campaign to change the conscience of America through political activism on the national stage has more to do with sweet talking politicians into acting right.

Derek Webb, a great Christian songwriter, once said, “Flattery, at its very best will encourage nothing more than behavior modification. All the behavior modification in the world will never change your heart.” I think he’s right.

In this stage of America, trying to apply principles to national politics will fail. It’s more about flattery in hopes of behavior modification on the part of the government – it’s not going to last and America will reject it. So, again, it’s about the heart. It’s about changing the conscience of America one at a time. Don’t get caught up in the sensationalism and glamour of big-time politics.