U.S. pop singers launch Israel initiative

By Aaron Klein

Evan and Jaron

NEW YORK – American pop singers Evan and Jaron Lowenstein are launching an initiative to gather support for Israel, including a new project stressing common bonds between the Holy Land and all faiths, a concert in support of Israeli victims of terror, and a new song warning against remaining silent in the face of violence.

“I just couldn’t stand by and do nothing,” Evan told WorldNetDaily, referring to the ongoing terrorist war waged against the Jewish state.

“It doesn’t matter what your political affiliation. It doesn’t matter what your religion. We are all tied to Israel through common bonds. I wanted to do something that reminded everyone about this.”

The two brothers performed a concert here yesterday for more than 1,500 people at a rally organized by the Israel Project and dozens of Jewish organizations to convey the tragic personal toll of terrorism and call for solidarity with Israel.

Evan also recently launched For Common Ground, an organization he says “is about building bridges and celebrating our common roots, not focusing on our differences, while urging people to get involved with Israel.”

The project’s website features the Common Ground Necklace, a glass vile filled with earth from the holiest sites of Israel.

“It’s a unique way to keep Israel close to all of our hearts,” said Evan.

Evan explained he was inspired to start the Common Ground initiative after attending a historic 2002 rally in support of Israel in Washington, DC, that drew hundreds of thousands, including many Christians.

“I was so impressed by the huge Christian turnout at the rally. I thought maybe we should continue to cultivate this bond for the Holy Land between all of us, and so that’s what we’re trying to do,” he said.

Evan also shared with WorldNetDaily the lyrics to a not-yet-released song urging support for Israeli terror victims:

“Haven’t we seen way too much?/ Haven’t we abused our crutch?/ Haven’t our hands been burned by the ropes we’ve tied?/ I ask you/ How can we sit and watch our brothers die? Chorus: Isn’t it time that we cared that our brothers know we’re there/It’s okay if you’re scared/But I won’t let our brothers die … ”

Born and raised in Atlanta, Evan and Jaron Lowenstein, whose songs on their own albums and various soundtracks have sold more than 10 million records, grew up immersed in music, particularly melodic folk-pop in the vein of Simon and Garfunkel.

In college, they began performing at local clubs and quickly earned a devoted fan base through their regular performances at Atlanta’s KaLo’s Coffee House. Their independent 1995 album, Live at KaLo’s Coffee House, was a hit and started a buzz around the group.

In 1997, Evan and Jaron signed with Island Records. Their major-label debut, We’ve Never Heard of You, Either, was released in the spring of 1998, and their self-titled follow-up, after a large deal with Columbia, appeared two years later.

Evan says he is not worried about any anti-Israel backlash against his career.

“Israel needs friends right now,” he said. “History has shown the tragedy that can befall a nation when people look the other way and don’t speak out.”

“People just need some motivation to say something. I have one celebrity friend who told me he has three kids and he doesn’t want to be killed for sticking up for Israel. I told him the opposite is true – if you don’t stick up for Israel, you’re helping to create a more dangerous world for your three kids!”

When informed about a WND article detailing a campaign against Israel’s security fence involving Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters claiming the barrier is “devastating for the Palestinians,” Evan replied, “The most important thing is to save lives. If the fence is helping, then it should be there. If not, Israel should investigate alternatives.”

Evan says many in Hollywood are “secretly very supportive of Israel,” but he thinks part of the reason they remain largely silent is because the Israeli establishment sends out too many conflicting signals.

“The people in Israel, especially the political scene, they are just so torn. Right-wing, left-wing. Build up Arafat, destroy Arafat. If they had a more unified front than it would be easier for us Americans who aren’t so educated on specifics to help. We wouldn’t have to think as much, we could just answer their call. …

“But unfortunately, the call is coming from too many directions and requires personal investigation, which I’m now doing, but others may not have the time to do,” said Evan.

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