Secret Service worried
about NYC Bush plot

By Aaron Klein

NEW YORK – The U.S. Secret Service is worried protesters here will try to stall buses carrying key delegates slated to nominate George W. Bush this week at the Republican National Convention, WorldNetDaily has learned.

A convention source, part of the security detail in charge of convention transportation, said he was briefed yesterday by the Secret Service about a specific plot concerning a group of protesters trying to block delegate transportation by storming buses and protesting along their route in hopes of delaying delegates so they can’t show up in time to enter their official nomination of Bush.

The delegates are scheduled to board their buses at pick-up points in front of their hotels, which have been designated into five different “GOP Liberty Express” security zones, the source says. The buses will leave delegates several blocks from the convention site at Madison Square Garden, where they will funnel down a police-protected barricade walkway along 7th Avenue, and into the security check right outside the Garden.

“The delegate transportation route may be vulnerable to these stalling tactics, so we’re formulating additional measures now to try to prevent this plot” said the source. “There are a lot of people out there who really want to interrupt this convention. And that’s not including the terrorists.”

He said the NYPD has designated 5,000 uniformed officers just to protect the convention site and delegate-transportation route, and will place one armed officer on each convention bus.

WorldNetDaily also recently reported the New York City subway system, which runs directly under the site of this year’s RNC, will operate as usual during the event, even though threats posted on the Internet have been directed at subways.

Fringe anti-Bush elements have been expressing hopes of sparking major disruptions at the convention by causing a series of false security alarms, including fooling bomb-sniffing dogs on trains bound for Penn Station, which is attached to Madison Square Garden.

Anarchy websites have urged readers to trick specially trained NYPD Labrador retrievers with gunpowder or ammonium nitrate-laced tablets in a plan to stop trains and cause the evacuation of the Garden during the convention.

One site instructs readers, “Go to a rifle, pistol or skeet shooting range, spend an hour shooting to saturate clothing with the smell of gunpowder, go directly to a New Jersey Transit, LIRR or MTA subway train headed for Penn Station.

“Also try to have at least two people on a train in different locations, sit or stand near the doors as the train approaches the station, try to get near police and dogs, loiter as long as possible around the dog, try to pet it if possible. If the dog alerts on your scent, do not leave or resist; the situation will cause a major disruption of the train schedule … .”

“It is important that the police call in all possible resources to investigate the situation,” the site says. ” … This will result in the maximum disruption. With any luck, Madison Square Garden will be evacuated.”

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