Traitor to the Constitution

By Vox Day

Last week, I prefaced my elucidation of the fraud that is the John Kerry campaign with some statements about the president. A number of you, unsurprisingly, took exception to my labeling him “a traitor to the American people and their Constitution.”

Unfortunately for these hear-no-evil, see-no-evil Republicans, events have a way of supporting those who view objective reality without flinching.

It is an article of faith that George Bush didn’t really mean it when he signed the McCain-Feingold “campaign-finance reform” bill into law. He was expecting the Supreme Court to overturn it as unconstitutional, we are told, and was shocked – shocked – when they upheld this joint effort of the mainstream media and the political class to silence political speech from parties outside the pre-approved elite.

I didn’t buy that story from the start. Nor should anyone else have done so, as on Thursday, George Bush made it very clear that not only does he support McCain-Feingold’s restrictions on free speech, but he plans to make forceful use of them. Furthermore, it was announced that if his administration cannot make the Federal Elections Committee shut down the efforts of American citizens to express their political views, he will propose new legislation to do so.

“Since the FEC failed to act, we would now be asking the courts to force the FEC to act to shut down all this activity. There would be a lawsuit. The president said if the court action doesn’t work, then he would be willing to pursue legislative action and work with Senator McCain on that.”
– White House press secretary Scott McClellan

Apparently, that bit about “Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech. …” escaped George Delano. Little wonder, though, considering that the president once declared: “How would I know what’s unconstitutional?”

And yet the silence from the Republican courtesans in the media is deafening. The Hannitys, Limbaughs, Malkins and the rest of the Republican lapdogs will no doubt soon be rushing to offer their defenses of the ever-innocent president, who just can’t seem to stop himself from inadvertantly expanding the power of the central state. Don’t listen, don’t look, don’t think … don’t you know there’s a war on?

The blind support they offer their beloved Republican president demonstrates an amazing inability to think past the immediate election cycle, as the power that they now cheer will soon be transformed into the power that they fear when the Democrats inevitably take their turn at the wheel.

Even those Republicans troubled by the president’s anti-constitutional actions fail to understand the situation. Wes Pruden writes in the Washington Times:

“Republicans don’t do politics. It’s a game they don’t really understand. The soul of the party, such as it is, resides in the corporate boardroom. Republican strategists think like CEOs: When the going gets tough, curtsy and apologize.”

The truth is that it’s Wes Pruden, not the Republican leadership, that does not understand the game. Not only does it not matter greatly whether Democrats or Republicans are in control of the federal government, it doesn’t matter much to the politicians themselves. For, as the president’s actions demonstrate, winning elections is less important than ensuring no cracks appear in the oligarchy that they have established in partnership with the tyrannophilic press.

And this is far from the only example of George Bush’s unfaithfulness to the Constitution he swore to defend. He supports the Law of the Sea treaty, a U.S. sovereignty-destroying attempt to provide a permanent tax base for the United Nations, and American submission to almost every supra-national organization. He has led America into an open-ended war, unconstitutionally undeclared, as his own Secretary of Defense has admitted.

George Bush is about as reliable a Defender of the First as Henry VIII was a Defender of the Faith. It is an outrage that Republicans should stand by this treacherous man who has repeatedly betrayed republican ideals, the Bill of Rights, the Constitution and the American people.

Neither George Delano Bush nor Krazy John Kerry respects the Constitution or your liberty. But take heart, they are not your only options! Perhaps you’ve never considered voting outside the bi-factional ruling party, but if you’re displeased with the direction of your government, you would do well to consider the words of Libertarian presidential candidate Michael Badnarik:

“If you continue doing what you’ve always done, you’re going to get what you’ve always got.”