Booing scared Kerry daughter out of her mind

By WND Staff

John Kerry’s daughters try to hush booing crowd at MTV Music Video Awards

Vanessa Kerry, daughter of Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry, says she was “scared” by a round of boos Sunday night at the MTV Music Video Awards, but is glad she pushed her father’s cause.

“I was scared out of my mind,” she told CNN after appearing on stage. “I mean, I grabbed my sister, and I thought, what is happening? And – but it doesn’t matter, because we’re fighting for something that I believe in so strongly. I will go up there and hear the whole arena boo if it means connecting with one person.”

Vanessa spoke at the Miami show with her sister Alexandra, just before the twin daughters of George W. Bush appeared via video feed.

“My sister and I are thrilled to be here with you all tonight in Florida,” said Vanessa Kerry, interrupted by both cheers and loud booing, “and to get this chance to suggest that you get involved in this election and vote – and hopefully that you vote for our father.”

At the mention of her father, the booing could be heard to grow louder, as the two stood in front of a large video backdrop depicting clouds sailing across a blue sky.

During Vanessa’s comment, Alexandra was seen putting her index finger to her lips, trying to “shush” the noisy crowd.

“Over 48 million young Americans can help make that decision, but we appreciate that in our democracy people are free to feel differently about who they vote for,” Alexandra told the audience.

CNN’s pop culture correspondent Toure was asked on “American Morning” if the booing was in reaction to a sentiment of not wanting to connect music concerts with political movements.

“I think maybe part of it. I mean, you know, this is – this is such a battleground state, it’s such a passionate election. And I think people who really believe in the president were like ‘Boo to you.’ But why would you boo somebody’s daughter?”

The Miami Herald said the boos went both ways, reporting the event this way:

“But you could call this the less-than-electric election year VMAs. But for a few boos aimed at the daughters of John Kerry (who took the stage early in the show to talk folks into voting) and the daughters of George W. Bush (who did the same from New York and got the same response), the show was, sadly, perfectly polite.”

The booing incident has become a hot topic on Internet messageboards, with comments including:

  • “The Kerry girls getting any boos at all at such a left-leaning, left-controlled event is as monumental as if the Bush twins were booed at a Jerry Falwell rally. This is a big deal and it shows left-leaning, vulgar, ranting music stars might be pushing all but the radical left right into President Bush’s column.”

  • “The notion that booing at the VMA’s contradicts the conventional wisdom that youth will vote for Kerry is ridiculous. VMA tickets cost a hell of a lot of money, and those who buy them are likely the spoiled kids of the Miami rich. I don’t think you can take a poll of $100 ticket buyers to find out who youth will support in the next election.”

  • “My favorite moment was when the dark-haired Kerry put her finger over her lips (a la ‘shut up children’) while her sister was talking. Apparently she learned that from her self-centered mother. ‘Excuse me all those of you who are being allowed to see and hear me now. I am about to make one of my amazing revelations. Best that you peasants settle down and learn something!'”

  • “Fortunately none of those asinine enough to be in the audience for this self-congratulatory party for a bunch of moronic rappers will vote, anyway. It doesn’t matter if you’re for Bush or Kerry, if these a——s can’t stop waving their arms in the air to a bunch of crotch-grabbing Neanderthals long enough to have someone say something as simple yet important as ‘get out and vote,’ I hope none of them do.”

John Kerry, himself, was booed in his hometown as he threw out the first pitch in Fenway Park before the start of a Boston Red Sox-New York Yankees game last month.

And three years ago on MTV’s sister network VH-1, Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., received a large amount of booing during a charity event raising money for the families of victims of the Sept. 11 terror attacks.

Editor’s note: Click here to see video of the booing and cheering at Sunday’s MTV Awards.

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