Kerry group’s flyer
slams U.S. soldiers

By WND Staff

A flyer used by the anti-war group Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry helped lead in the early ’70s claims U.S. infantrymen in Vietnam raped Vietnamese women and calls the soldiers butchers.

The flyer uses bold letters to announce: “A U.S. INFANTRY COMPANY JUST CAME THROUGH HERE!”

It then continues:

“If you had been Vietnamese –

“We might have burned your house

“We might have shot your dog

“We might have shot you

“We might have raped your wife and daughter

“We might have turned you over to your government for torture

“We might have taken souvenirs from your property

“We might have shot things up a bit

“We might have done ALL these things to you and your whole TOWN!

“If it doesn’t bother you that American soldiers do these things every day to the Vietnamese simply because they are ‘Gooks,’ then picture YOURSELF as one of the silent VICTIMS.”

Before printing the name of the organization responsible for the flyer, Kerry’s Vietnam Veterans Against the War, the reader is urged:

“Help us to end the war before they turn your son into a butcher or a corpse.”

Kerry has come under fire from Swift Boat Veterans for Truth and others for saying in 1971 Senate testimony that soldiers in Vietnam committed heinous atrocities during the war. Kerry has said he was simply relaying the claims of veterans who testified at the “Winter Soldier investigation” in Detroit that year. He has not apologized for his testimony.

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