Kerry campaign
in for shake-up?

By WND Staff

Democratic sources say a major shake-up in John Kerry’s presidential campaign could be imminent, citing the candidate’s inability to respond effectively to criticism from the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.

According to a CNN report, one party strategist said if changes aren’t made, “it could be too late.” The shake-up was anticipated to occur by Labor Day.

The network reported sources said there will be some changes in the coming days and some “evolving roles” at the campaign’s senior level.

“We don’t have a Carville or a Begala,” CNN quotes a senior Kerry official as saying. “We can’t mimic what happened in 1992.”

Reportedly being targeted by high-level donors and elected officials were campaign manager Mary Beth Cahill and communications director Stephanie Cutter. Cahill was brought onboard in late 2003 after Kerry dumped Jim Jordan.

Some sources speculated if Cahill and Cutter are left in place others may be given more authority over day-to-day operations, such as Joe Lockhart, former press secretary to President Clinton who is now a Kerry communications adviser, and John Sasso, who is currently the Kerry campaign’s liaison to the Democratic National Committee.

Lockhart dismissed rumors of changes.

“The campaign has a strong team in place and a strategy to win this election,” he told CNN.

Said Cutter: “That’s not going to happen. This is nothing new. Mary Beth is still campaign manager and will continue to be.”

Four critical TV ads released by the veterans’ organization have had an effect on the campaign, with Kerry’s polling numbers markedly decreasing since one month ago.

Rather than respond to the specific charges of the swiftboat vets, Kerry has maligned them and attempted to get the commercials off the air.

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