‘Woman Power’ – a must read!

By Elizabeth Farah

I highly recommend Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s “Woman Power” to you – very highly. I know of no one who could not benefit from reading this book. If you care about your marriage, you should read it. If you care about the happiness and success of others’ marriages, read it and loan it. Finally, if you care about the unhappy state of our society with all the crumbling of our once strong foundations of morality and virtue, you must read this book.

The destruction of happy marriage is one of the chief causes of all unhappiness in our country. You’ll note that I qualified marriage with the adjective “happy.” Marriage itself isn’t good enough to serve as a foundation for a happy, free, prosperous society – any more than marriage alone is an adequate foundation for a family. Happy marriages stay together, thrive, raise happier children, build strong families and, perhaps most importantly, happy marriages establish and maintain a stable, thriving civilization for our children.

But what makes a happy home? What is the single greatest, most powerful force in the creation of a happy family? The wife and mother, of course. Taking nothing away from the husband as provider and protector, Schlessinger gives ample proof, often in the words of suffering husbands, of the very small but real needs that men must have met to be the kind of husband they, their wives and God want them to be.

What are the things women must do? They are simple but never simplistic. They are not the whims or opinions of Schlessinger or of some political movement. Rather, these are truths that you can embrace, truths that will resonate and transform.

But what if you have a solid marriage? Do you need to read “Woman Power”? If you love your husband, you will. And if you are a man, tough if out and give it to your wife after you finish it. There are things for you to learn, too – if only to crystallize feelings you have that you find difficult to convey to the woman you love. After all, she, like most women, have suffered years of propaganda and brainwashing by the man-demeaning forces in our society – ever-present and with greater voice every decade since the “glorious” sexual revolution that has cursed our culture and bred some of the greatest tragedies in human suffering of all history. Do you think terrorists have threatened our way of life? They are but a mere puff of wind beside the forces of darkness that have compromised our marriages.

I am happy to say I hold great hope in the effect Dr. Laura’s book can have on our generation. It recalls to my mind “The Feminine Mystique,” a book that influenced millions of men and women for ill. That book and its successors transformed a society; Dr. Laura’s sincere, well-written, efficacious work can, too. Only, you have to read it and pass it on. The happiness of your marriage and your children are reasons enough, so put aside some less urgent matter and get this book.

Have you any more reservations? Let’s address them. Is it boring? No – buy it. Is it just another self-help book? No – get it. Is it a political screed with no practical solutions? No – read it.

I know, you have a perfect marriage! Well, it’s not that perfect. You have too many unread titles in stacks or on a list? Nothing you have – save your Bible – is more important a read. You know there is some part of your marriage that could be improved, and if you had the answer you would have done it before.

Let’s consider one of the many letters found in “Woman Power”:

“… I found myself feeling more compassion for my husband and for men in general. My defensiveness disappeared. I had more energy. In two days [after taking this new attitude] he used the words, ‘It feels like a honeymoon.’ The best part is that after 27 years of marriage, I am falling in love with my husband again.

“Before reading your book, I would give myself a 90 percent as a wife. I was supportive and respectful, and did my nagging and criticizing in a journal to myself. I was tense and exhausted, and ate to relieve stress. Now I would give myself a 95 percent, because the desire to nag and criticize, even on paper, has gone. Just because I didn’t say it, didn’t mean it didn’t affect him or me.”

Here is another woman’s opinion:

“I have a perfect marriage, so why would I need this book? With your guidance, I turned the searchlight inward and began to look at myself from a new perspective – my husband’s. I began to hear myself through his ears and see myself through his eyes. EEEEKK!! When I so smugly said, ‘I have a good marriage,’ I wasn’t looking at it from my husband’s viewpoint.

“If asked, would he say the same? Maybe, but most likely he wouldn’t use words like ‘fulfilling,’ ‘safe,’ ‘exciting’ or ‘satisfying,’ as I would. He might use adjectives like ‘stressful,’ ‘insecure,’ ‘frigid’ or ‘mundane.’ How sad is that? Time for a wakeup call! I bought your book immediately!”

Now, there are some of us who just about now are thinking that this book is just a big, unfair dump on women. You can count on me NOT to urge you to buy a book that would unfairly persecute my own sex. This book is about the power held by women in the home, and with that power comes responsibility. You owe it to everyone you love to seek more knowledge and training in using the power that God has given you over the lives in your home and corporately over the very health of our nation. I thank God we don’t send untrained men to construct bridges and dams. Isn’t your family as important as a public works project?