Why I gave
to swiftboat vets

By Craige McMillan

Today, I did something I never thought I’d do. I sent my first-ever contribution to a political organization. I’ve never sent a dime to the Republicans or the Democrats. My theory has been that one of the problems with politics is that there’s too much money in it already. Besides, I already have a small “say” in the process through my columns at WorldNetDaily.

So what changed my mind? I’m a veteran. My service came in the aftermath of the Vietnam War, during the Carter years. John Kerry’s “testimony” about atrocities by American servicemen and women hurt us all long after he’d collected his medals during four months in Vietnam and “moved on” – just another rung up the political success ladder.

America suffered even more. Vietnam vets are still on the streets today, homeless, mentally ill, drug or alcohol addicted in no small measure because of the national “welcome” they got from the folks back home for being labeled “rapists, murders and baby-killers.” Living sacrifices, if you will, to John Kerry’s political ambitions. Just the wreckage left behind from his trip to the top.

Except that somebody said, “No.” And then another person said, “No.” And another, and another, and another. They didn’t yell, they didn’t scream, they didn’t become hysterical and rise to the top of the guest list for the talking-head circuit. They simply stood up and said, “John Kerry is not fit to be commander in chief” because of what he did to America and to all those who served.

So today, I did it. I sent my check to Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, c/o Weymouth Symmes, Treasurer, P.O. Box 26184, Alexandria, VA 22313 (online donations). John Kerry chose to make four months of his military service in Vietnam the centerpiece of his campaign for the presidency. Fine. He had the arrogance – fed by his privileged upbringing, his wife’s billions and a fawning, anti-American media – to believe that veterans would forget his treason against them and the nation they sacrificed for, then fall in line to salute their new commander in chief.

No, Sen. John Kerry. You thought wrong.