Israel speeds up building ‘Arafat Fence’

By Aaron Klein

Dan Gillerman

NEW YORK – Israel will accelerate construction of the West Bank security fence after a double suicide attack in the southern city of Beersheba Tuesday left 16 people dead, Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Dan Gillerman told WorldNetDaily.

“We will step up our construction of the fence,” said Gillerman, after speaking yesterday at a reception welcoming the Republican National Convention to New York City.

“This latest suicide bombing, which took place in a town where the fence has not yet been built, only strengthens our resolve to complete construction. If the U.N. wants to blast someone for the fence, they must blast Arafat because this is the ‘Arafat Fence,’ being built as a necessary security measure to halt the suicide bombers he sends.”

Work on the fence, which is eventually expected to stretch across the entire West Bank, has so far been concentrated in the north of the West Bank. The terrorists were thought to have infiltrated from Heron.

A Hamas cell in the West Bank city of Hebron claimed responsibility for Tuesday’s bombings, identifying the bombers as Ahmed Kawasmeh, 26, and Nassim Jabari, 22. They had known each other for years and were members of a secretive Hamas cell led by Kawasmeh’s cousin Imad, a top fugitive.

“If their fence was built in that area, the terrorists would have found it incredibly difficult to get to Beersheba,” said Gillerman.

Netzach Mashiach, director of the seam line administration, the body responsible for administering the border between Israel and the West Bank, said construction on the southern section of the barrier between the large Gush Etzion settlement bloc and Levahim would start today.

After blasting Israel’s fence at the U.N. and declare the barrier “illegal,” the EU last month announced it’s planning to build a fence to separate recently added EU members Poland and Hungary from their new neighbors – Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. The EU said the fence is necessary to “prevent the free movement of migrants seeking to enter” EU territory.

Gillerman said the U.N. is increasingly making itself irrelevant with its anti-Israel bias.

“In its ruling on the security fence, the U.N., which was founded on noble principles, has emboldened the enemies of Israel and perverted justice,” said Gillerman. “The only court we need to listen to is Israel’s supreme court, and we will continue to build the fence.”

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