Mean-spirited media liberals

By Kevin McCullough

For years the media and most Democrats have taken great delight in referring to Republicans as “mean-spirited,” “hard-hearted” and lacking in compassion. For much of that time the Republicans have ignored them. For the duration of this past week, I spent my time blogging, writing and broadcasting from my spot on Radio Row in Madison Square Garden. Having had this optimal vantage point to observe the likes of Sean Hannity, Al Franken, Hugh Hewitt, Ellen Ratner, Laura Ingraham and others, let me just say it is the liberals in this crowd that are aggressive, mean and loose-tempered.

In multiple instances, media liberals have taken potshots at those whom they oppose on a political level, sometimes turning red-faced with rage.

Let me recount the ways …

On Tuesday, Mark Follman of leftist news website released an op-ed that raged of “Internet traffic envy.” Follman, obviously put off by the fact the RNC had credentialed a new form of media this year, “Blogger’s Row,” took his frustrations out on the bloggers in his piece and accused them of being self-serving, sexist, shallow and – the biggest insult of all – sorry excuses for journalists.

There is only one problem though — they don’t claim to be journalists. Follman’s lack of ability to even understand what blogging is or why it is as popular as it is proves only that this “Internet journalist” himself is envious of the size and scope of the audience the RNC bloggers enjoy. Follman didn’t get that these guys are keeping journals, written from their perspective and to an audience that they cultivated completely without the assistance of True, they did get profiled in the Wall Street Journal and promised to deliver big scoops. And they have, for it was the RNC bloggers who in fact broke the story of Gen. Tommy Frank’s official endorsement in the 2004 presidential race.

It was also the RNC bloggers who got the exclusive pictures of yet another example of liberal-media ugliness.

Al Franken in the face of the producer of “The Laura Ingraham Show.”

On Tuesday evening, Franken appeared to stand up the Ingraham show, reneging on a commitment to appear on the far more highly rated conservative show. The producer who had booked Franken announced that the liberal talk host had changed his mind and tempers flared. Franken became vocal and began yelling at the Ingraham producer. Screams turned to shoves and Ingraham had to call for security. Eventually, things calmed down. At the writing of this column, Franken is scheduled to appear on my show. By the time it is printed I will have a clearer picture of how Al handles conservative talk shows and whether or not he can give articulate substantive answers in the arena of debate. Yelling, shoving and calling those who disagree with you liars will not cut it.

Franken was not the only one yelling in Radio Row, however.

When Hillary Clinton and Charles Schumer, the tandem liberal senators from New York, made the decision on Tuesday to abandon their roles on the Democrats’ “Truth Squad,” the DNC went into full panic. Forced to pick up the void for all the nationally syndicated voices, DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe stepped in. Doing some pretty softball shows did not prepare him for the substantive question-and-answer debate that he was unready for on the Hugh Hewitt show. McAuliffe, like Franken, also lost his cool, although he never resorted to physical violence. At the end of the first segment, McAuliffe suddenly “had no more time” to spend with Hewitt and was whisked away.

McAulliffe, just as he began to go ballistic on “The Hugh Hewitt Show.”

When asked what he made of the series of events, Hewitt, who debates liberals on his show daily, responded by saying, “[He is] … clearly reeling under the pressure of the bad news (poll numbers and other indicators that show momentum moving in Bush’s direction), and he is clearly losing it.”

Like the point I made only one week ago about John Kerry, thin skin seems to run rampant in liberal circles. Thin-skinned people are not qualified for leadership, and the Democratic Party needs to be defeated for their own safety and protection.

Just stay clear when the truth finally dawns on them, because their temper can prove hazardous to your health.