The militant Islamic ducks are quacking

By Barbara Simpson

I don’t want any more pictures of infants in the arms of rescuers.

The latest: a muscular Russian soldier cradling a tiny infant in his arms. It gave me chills, but at least this baby was alive.

This baby survived the Islamic terrorist hostage attack on a Russian school filled with as many as 1,200 children, parents and teachers. At least 338 are dead – half are children. About 531 have been hospitalized – 283 are children, 92 of them in “very grave” condition.

The picture immediately reminded me of the photograph of the tiny body of Baylee Almon in the arms of Oklahoma City firefighter Chris Field. Baylee was one of 19 children killed in the terrorist bombing of the Murrah Federal Building on April 19, 1995.

The day before was Baylee’s first birthday. And then she was dead. City records note her as a “disaster victim;” the cause of death as “murdered.”

They didn’t specify the culprits, but there’s clear evidence Islamic militants were linked to that attack in America’s heartland with connections to the Philippines and Iraq. Investigative reporter Jayna Davis put that story together in her book “The Third Terrorist: The Middle Eastern Connection To The Oklahoma City Bombing.”

Now there are two photos burned into my memory – babies, terrorist victims in the arms of rescuers.

Actually, there are three photos of child victims of terrorists in my memory. The other (and first) was the Kurdish child, looking for all the world like a porcelain doll, lying dead in the street, a victim of Saddam Hussein’s intentional gassing of innocent civilians.

The horrific details of what transpired in Russia over 52 hours this week will eventually be clarified, but suffice it to say, Islamic Chechen terrorists stormed the school during a celebration of the new school year.

Their purpose was clear despite attempts by police to negotiate. They demanded prisoners be released and Chechnya turned over to the Muslims. They want it to be a sovereign Islamic state. Period.

They commandeered the building, herding some 1,200 people into the gymnasium and held them prisoner. No food, no water, little air, no bathroom availability, no sleep. It was so hot that adults urged children to drink their own urine. The children stripped off their clothes and lapsed into unconsciousness. We’re told the terrorists laughed when people begged for water and threatened to kill 20, if one child cried.

Several terrorists wore suicide-bomb belts and the building was mined. Amid threats of being blown up or shot, some were shot and their bodies manhandled. Children were held up in windows to taunt parents outside.

A few women and children were released and at least one mothers was forced to choose which child to rescue and leave the other with the terrorists.

On Friday, it came to a bloody end. It’s reported one female suicide bomber blew herself up in the gym, collapsing the roof. Bodies covered the floor. Fires broke out, the military moved in. As children ran to escape, terrorists shot them in the back.

Itar-Tass reports that 10 hostage terrorists were Arabs, at least one from Africa, some were Saudi and all linked to al-Qaida. Sounds pretty clear to me.

So why do so many in our media persist in calling the killers “rebels” or “insurgents.” They’ve no guts to call them what they are: militant Islamic terrorists, our enemy in the war on terrorism.

President Bush offered condolences to Russians and called the siege “another grim reminder of the length to which terrorists will go to threaten this civilized world.”

Consider that terrorism was barely mentioned at the Democrat convention and candidates Kerry and Edwards have yet to mention a word about the siege.

Why is it so hard for them to acknowledge Islamic terrorism for what it is? Why is it almost impossible for them to utter those words about terrorist acts done, ostensibly, in the name of Islam – the religion we are continually told is the “religion of peace”?

If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck. But …

We’ve had the first World Trade Center attack, 9-11, the bombed embassies, the USS Cole attack, the Bali nightclub bombing and more. The Spanish railroad bombings were timed to their elections. Last week, terrorists blew up two Russian airliners, the Moscow subway was bombed by suicide terrorists and now the school. Is it any surprise Chechyna had an election last Sunday to replace their assassinated leader?

Australia has an election in October, England is planning one and ours is in November. What’s next? Where? How bad will it get? It’s reached the depths of depravity. When Islamic terrorists broaden their attacks infants and children with cold brutality, it is as bad as it can get.

Terrorists have killed children before, but the difference in Russia was a deliberate targeting of a large group. It portends further such attacks. Remember, the same Islamist militants were behind the Moscow theatre takeover.

Identify this enemy and destroy it. No talking. No negotiating. No reasoning. It’s either victory or surrender.

I hate to think what President Putin’s plans are, but he said today, “Weak people are beaten.” We know President Bush’s position: You’re either with us or against us. It’s the free world against Islamic militant terrorism. Face it, or lose … everything.