Al-Qaida link to school massacre?

By WND Staff

While Russia marked its first of two official days of mourning, authorities said at least 10 of the 32 supposedly “Chechen” terrorists responsible for the school massacre that killed more than 400 people were actually Arab nationals.

The disclosure gives credence to suggestions that the attack was more than an operation by “separatists” involved in a regional struggle for a breakaway republic – it is part of the “global jihad” of Islamists vs. the West, Christianity and Judaism.

A statement on the Internet reportedly made by a group loyal to Osama bin Laden’s second-in-command Ayman al-Zawahiri backs Russian claims that international Islamic terrorist groups were involved in the school siege in Beslan.

In fact, analysts say Islamists with international goals infiltrated the Chechen movement between 1994 and 1996.

In addition, as WND reportedly exclusively, the Beslan operation closely followed the terror roadmap laid out in issue 10 of Al Battar, al-Qaida’s online training manual.

The terrorism roadmap, written by Abdel Aziz Al Moqrin, leader of al-Qaida’s Saudi Arabian cell who was killed in June, provides a detailed and simplified “Kidnapping for Dummies” guide.

Prior to the kidnap-hostage raid in Beslan, two passenger planes were destroyed in bomb blasts, killing 89 people. Ten people died last Monday from a suicide bomb attack near a Moscow subway station.

Meanwhile, the school in Beslan, home to a mostly Christian populace, is to be turned into a memorial.

The building would be turned into a memorial, while a new school “will be shortly built at a different site,” North Ossetian government spokesman Lev Dzugayev told Rossia TV channel.

After clearing of mines and booby traps planted by the terrorists, the devastated school building was opened today for the relatives to pay homage to their loved ones, who died there in the three-day long siege.

Russian TV channels showed many parents and relatives of the hostages placing flowers and open plastic water bottles on what used to be floor the school gym, where 1,184 children and adults were kept in hot and stuffy atmosphere without water, forcing many to drink their own urine to quench their thirst.

The Christian relief organization
Barnabas Fund
is appealing for assistance for the victims of the brutal terrorist attack on a school in Christian-majority North Ossetia.

The horrific attack on School No.1, Beslan, in North Ossetia, has shocked the world. Over 400 hostages were killed, nearly half of them children. Nearly 400 others are in hospital, with gunshot wounds and burns.

North Ossetia, a Christian-majority republic within the Russian Federation, has until now mainly enjoyed peace and stability, despite its proximity to conflict-wracked Chechnya. The victims of the terrorist atrocity were mainly from Christian families, both Orthodox and Protestant.

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