Movie on ‘Clinton-Kerry
deceit’ debuts

By WND Staff

A film that implicates Bill Clinton, John Kerry and others for policies that allegedly led to the attacks of September 11 will debut this weekend at the American Film Renaissance festival in Dallas.

“Mega Fix,” produced by WND author and columnist Jack Cashill, pulls together pieces of what the filmmaker says are deliberate decisions made by the Clinton administration prior to the 1996 presidential election that downplayed Islamic involvement in attacks on the U.S. and heightened the boldness of terrorists, culminating in the 9-11 attack.

Says promotional material for the 90-minute movie: “Cashill leads the viewer from Oklahoma City to Dubrovnik, where Ron Brown’s plane crashed, to the Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia to the destruction of TWA Flight 800 off Long Island to the Olympic Park bombing. As Cashill proves beyond dispute, these are not multiple conspiracies but all part of one major political fix, the mother of all fixes, the Mega Fix.”

Though the federal government to this day claims the TWA Flight 800 disaster was not terror-related, Cashill notes it was John Kerry who, shortly after 9-11, inferred in the media that the plane’s destruction was a terrorist act. A member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence in 1996, John Kerry made no public comment about the fate of Flight 800 prior to 9-11.

Cashill, a Ph.D. in American studies from Purdue, brings together information he used in writing his two latest books, “First Strike: TWA and the Attack on America” and “Ron Brown’s Body.”

However, it was not until he collaborated with “The Third Terrorist” author and former Oklahoma City TV reporter Jayna Davis on a series of WorldNetDaily articles about the OKC bombing that Cashill began to connect the dots between these seemingly disparate events.

Says a statement from Cashill: “[Clinton and his staff] turned Ron Brown into Martin Luther King while suppressing the investigation into his death. They swept the Khobar Towers disaster under the rug. They ignored all Islamic trails to the Olympic Park bombing and hung the innocent Richard Jewell out to dry until the election. And most spectacularly of all, they transformed the shoot down of TWA Flight 800 into a mechanical failure.”

As WorldNetDaily reported, the film festival, taking place Sept. 10-12, aims to screen pro-America, patriotic documentaries to serve as an alternative to the Sundance and Cannes festivals.

Also making their world debuts will be two documentaries targeting leftist filmmaker Michael Moore – “Michael and Me” and “Michael Moore Hates America.” Seventeen films will be screened in all.

WorldNetDaily is the Internet sponsor of the American Film Renaissance festival.

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