Biohazard bags & buckets

By Jill Stanek

Three weeks ago, I wrote about specific instances of babies being aborted alive in hospitals around the country and allowed to die with no medical intervention.

That column prompted additional nurses to contact me about live-birth abortions they have witnessed in their hospitals. I also had an incredible telephone conversation with an abortion-clinic nurse who saw them as well.

Although it was only first acknowledged publicly in 1999, the practice of live-birth abortion is now known to be widespread.

The passage of the federal Born Alive Infants Protection Act in 2002 has apparently not deterred doctors from leaving live aborted babies to die without medical intervention – because they have not been told about BAIPA.

To commit LBA, the physician inserts a medication into a mother’s birth canal up to the cervix, the opening at the bottom of the uterus that normally stays closed until she goes into labor at about 40-weeks gestation. The medication irritates the cervix to open early.

Or the physician may force matchstick-sized seaweed sticks called laminaria into the cervix, which expand when moistened.

Sometimes this abortion procedure requires only one dose of the medication, or a few laminaria, and sometimes several. I have observed the process to take as many as four days.

When the cervix opens, the pre-term baby drops out of the uterus, sometimes alive, unless the physician has killed him beforehand.

The nurse I spoke with by phone worked at a late term abortion clinic chain on Florida’s west coast. She described wanton barbarism, on par with Nazi Germany’s Dr. Mengele:

I saw a lot of babies born alive … Dr. X said that was a side effect of a medication. They always said to leave the baby alone, and they would stop breathing … Two hours was the longest I saw a baby live … One girl was 26-27 weeks …

They put the babies in red biohazard bags when they were still moving … tied the bag up … put them in a biohazard box. The biohazard medical service would pick boxes up Monday and Thursday.

Dr. X would insert the medication and send the women home. They were told to come back the next day.

There was one incident where the woman had the baby while she was waiting at the door for the clinic to open. She got there at 7 a.m. The clinic opened at 8 a.m. She said the baby was born alive. The baby was now dead, and she was holding the baby in a bag. She was bleeding.

I was in the room when Dr. X gave the digoxin to stop that baby’s heartbeat beforehand. [Digoxin is a medication inserted by needle through a mother’s abdomen into a baby’s heart to cause instant cardiac arrest.]

Well, he didn’t have an ultrasound machine that day. He inserted the needle blindly. He said he’d been doing it so many years, he knew the location. But he didn’t actually know if he hit the heart.

I know this nurse – Bridget. She was working there when the new doctor held a baby under water in a bucket when she told him the baby was alive. That baby was between 25-26 weeks. Bridget left two months ago because of that.

I left because I got tired of everything going on and the fact Dr. X would coach women into saying they were going to kill themselves if they didn’t abort. Then he said he had a legal right to do it past viability. He did them all the way to 40 weeks.

A nurse who works at a hospital in southern California wrote me:

I, too, witnessed a similar incident during one very long night shift in the emergency room. We were summoned to get a “pregnant woman in distress” out of her car. The first to arrive was a paramedic, who reported hearing a little cry as she approached. She tried to give the baby rescue breaths, but a new infant can’t tolerate more than a couple minutes without oxygen before permanent brain damage occurs, as you know. By the time we got the infant inside, she was already cyanotic [blue] and, with the parents’ urging, the ER doc pronounced her [dead] almost immediately.

The focus turned to stabilizing the mom who was bleeding profusely. I felt so badly for her and tried to comfort. She was quite cold to my attempts, which, of course, raised suspicions.

When mom’s “primary physician” arrived on scene, we all realized what was going on – that it was, in fact, an abortion.

This was a perfectly formed 26-week baby. Someone laid her on a table. As soon as I saw her I nearly fell apart. The image of that beautiful, fully formed, perfect little infant haunts me to this day. I’ve seen it in my sleep. I’ve seen it every time I see a pregnant woman.

Department of Justice, Department of Health and Human Services – where are you?

American justice isn’t blind to all the babies being aborted alive and then either killed or neglected until they die.

American justice has her eyes closed.

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