Pro-America film festival opens

By Ron Strom

The American Film Renaissance festival gets under way today in Dallas, screening pro-America alternatives to Hollywood throughout the weekend.

As WorldNetDaily reported, the cofounder of American Film Renaissance, Jim Hubbard, hopes the festival will be the opening salvo in a battle to get more patriotic and traditional-values oriented movies produced and seen by the film-going public in the U.S. Hubbard sees the three-day event, which runs today through Sunday as a stark alternative to the Sundance and Cannes film festivals.

Besides screening 17 films this weekend, Hubbard’s organization hopes to hook up film distributors with filmmakers who want to produce pro-America movies for the nation’s theaters.

Hubbard believes Hollywood is dominated by leftist filmmakers like Michael Moore and says his festival will help to combat an anti-American ideology in movies.

“The buzz is really enormous,” Hubbard told WND from Dallas. “The filmmakers are ecstatic that they finally have an outlet for their films.”

Hubbard says 90 percent of the filmmakers represented will be present at the event.

The festival has sold out of its VIP passes, which allow ticket holders to see as many films as possible, so more are now being made available.

When asked about anticipated attendance, Hubbard said, “This is uncharted territory. … We’re adding screenings, so that’s a positive thing.

“People are literally coming from every corner of the country – New York to L.A., Florida to Washington state.”

Hubbard believes his festival will be more important than the Sundance Film Festival within a few years, noting that providing an alternative to Hollywood films has a huge potential market.

“It’s as if you have the only hotdog stand in New York City,” he explained, “because no one else is doing it. … It’s not rocket science.”

Hubbard says those who are not able to attend the festival can help the effort by donating to American Film Renaissance.

“We don’t have a George Soros writing out seven-figure checks for us,” he said. “It’s really funded by friends and family and grass-roots efforts.

“We’re appealing to 60 to 70 percent of the country that believes that America is basically a decent place and doesn’t believe in Michael Moore’s thesis that America is a terrorist nation full of idiots.”

Two films being presented at the festival take Moore to task and present a different perspective on the U.S. – “Michael Moore Hates America” and “Michael and Me.”

WorldNetDaily is the Internet sponsor of the American Film Renaissance festival.

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