The presstitutes ride to the rescue

By Craige McMillan

Are you ready for two months of the most vile media propaganda ever unleashed over the public (read taxpayer-subsidized media advertising cash cow) airwaves in America? Sen. John Kerry is down in the polls, and his base – the mainlining media – will now pull out all the stops to elect him.

For me, it was the image of Kerry holding up his shotgun-gift at a Labor Day campaign stop and quipping about taking it to the debates. Not one of the mainlining media’s presstitutes – from the photographer or cameraman who snapped the image to the alleged “journalist” who lent his byline to the Kerry campaign’s press release – could be bothered to question the candidate’s record on the private ownership of firearms.

Had any done so, they would have found that Sen. Kerry co-sponsored legislation to ban this very firearm from private ownership. Yet he’d like to take it to the debates with George Bush. Perhaps Mr. Kerry is looking to model his candidacy after the Alexander Hamilton-Aaron Burr duel?

I’m sorry – I can’t refer to the people whose bylines litter the pages of the nation’s major newspapers and whose faces and voices we see and hear on its airwaves as journalists anymore. I can’t do it even with quotes around the word. They’re beyond a national disgrace: They are a cancer eating away at democracy.

The editors and management at media rags employing these vile propagandists have no concept of the importance of truth or the destructive power of lies in the public debate. They would sooner see American shopping malls and schools littered with the debris of Islamic bombers and their American victims than to see George W. Bush serve another term as president.

And why not? It would all be news. It would all sell newspapers. It would all buy Neilson rating points against the dreaded Fox News cable. And it would all fill their advertising coffers. If that isn’t blood money, I don’t know what is. What do they care? “How do you feel, Mom, now that your child was blown to bits by an Islamic ‘freedom fighter’?” “How do you feel, Dad, that your 3-year-old daughter was raped before she was shot in the back trying to run to your arms? And don’t you think this is all Ronald Reagan’s fault?”

By their own acknowledgment, Washington, D.C., reporters support Kerry 12-to-1 over Bush, while those outside the Beltway topple toward Kerry by a mere 3-1 (New York Times, John Tierney, in his Aug. 1, 200404 “Political Points” compendium). I’m not talking about columnists, who wear their opinions on their sleeves and whose job it is to express them. I’m talking about the people we count on to record the nation’s day-to-day history from the events we call news.

I want some honesty. I want the pressitutes who lent their bylines to Kerry’s firearms propaganda to state at the top of every story they write from now on this disclaimer:

I plan to vote Democratic. I’ve given money to the Kerry campaign. I don’t believe in the private ownership of firearms. I support socialism. I believe the Constitution is a “living document” that activist judges can modify at will. And I don’t think you pay your fair share of taxes.

Then let’s get on with the news.

In scanning the news headlines, one would think that George W. Bush’s attendance record in the National Guard matters to the future of America. Kerry chose to run on a fabricated Vietnam record that the media will defend to the death.

An unstable Hungarian billionaire lavishes millions upon Bill Clinton’s former campaign staffers who produce anti-Bush attack ads, and you never heard of 527s. But when a handful of Vietnam veterans scrape together a few bucks for a single TV ad to dispute the American Gigolo’s three months in Vietnam – then, suddenly the sky is falling.

I heard the fear in media voices on 9-11. George W. Bush chose to run on – among other things – what he’s done since 9-11 to keep the Islamists from atomizing their worthless carcasses and joining their wretched soul with the bomber’s other virgin brides in the afterlife. What planet are they from, that they think they have anything to tell America?