Dole helps unveil Kerry POW film

By WND Staff

Former Sen. Bob Dole is joining Vietnam veterans in Washington today to unveil a new documentary that tells the stories of former POWs who felt betrayed by Sen John Kerry’s 1971 testimony accusing American servicemen of war crimes.

As WorldNetDaily first reported Aug. 24 and Aug. 28, “Stolen Honor: The Wounds that Never Heal” juxtaposes Kerry’s actions after the war with the words of veterans still serving, including some who heard his testimony in a North Vietnamese prison.

Dole will appear with POW’s George Day, Jack L. Van Loan, Paul Galanti, Robert H. Shumaker, Ken Cordier and others.

The 45-minute documentary is produced by Carlton Sherwood, a decorated Vietnam veteran and winner of a Pulitzer Prize and Peabody Award.

The film will be available for broadcast and on DVD and VHS video, according to Red, White and Blue Productions, a for-profit corporation based in Harrisburg, Pa.

Veterans provided the initial funding of the film’s production costs, the company says, adding it welcomes financial support for its distribution and dissemination.

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