Gun-toting homosexuals
for Badnarik

By WND Staff

Pink Pistols, a homosexual gun-rights activist group, has endorsed Libertarian candidate Michael Badnarik for president.

Badnarik says it’s a natural that those who “face victimization” should support the Second Amendment.

“The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is the cornerstone of civil society,” said Badnarik in a statement. “It’s the ultimate recourse, not only against foreign invasion or repressive government, but against bigotry when bigotry becomes aggression.”

Pink Pistols, which boasts of 43 chapters in 29 states, describes itself as a “national organization dedicated to educating the alternative sexual community on the need for armed self-defense.”

“We’re excited to endorse the only candidate in this election who stands for equal rights – and the means to defend those rights – for everyone,” Douglas L. Krick, founder of Pink Pistols, said in a statement. “With the ‘major’ parties competing to see who can be most strident in encouraging different standards for the queer communities, it’s more important than ever that we stand up for ourselves – and support candidates who stand with us.”

Badnarik, 50, of Austin, Texas, welcomes the Pistols’ support.

“Pursuit of political reform is best exercised through the ballot box and the jury box,” he says. “But ultimately, the cartridge box must be there, especially when lives are at stake. In America today, it’s still considered acceptable in many places to attack gay men and lesbians for no other reason than who they are. When that happens, the victim can’t wait for a police officer or a jury to try to sort things out.”

Badnarik is in favor of same-sex marriage, saying, “The government shouldn’t be in the business of licensing marriage, or of excluding anyone from it. That came about as a means of preventing interracial marriage – racism imposed by government. It’s no different when applied to consenting adults of the same sex.”

The Libertarian is on the ballot in 43 states.

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