A Chechen politician has claimed that both Chechnya and Islam are innocent in the massacre of civilians at a school in Beslan, Russia.

Badr Al-Din Bino, who lives in Jordan, said in a television interview on Dubai’s Al-Arabiya TV that Russia will continue to implicate Muslims but that it was “intelligence agencies” that are responsible for the carnage.

The Middle East Media Research Institute TV Monitor Project, or MEMRI TV, features a video clip and translation of the interview with Bino.

“I am surprised that Putin refuses to conduct an investigation into this issue,” he said. “Even stranger … is that they initially said the leader of this group was from Ingushetia and later they said those who carried out this operation were Arabs or people from al-Qaida, and that 15 of them escaped. I am absolutely certain that just like in Qatar, when they assassinated the president, they will put on a show and release four or five Arab or Chechen prisoners and conduct a show as though they are the ones who carried out this operation. Therefore, the Chechen and Islam are innocent of this operation, which was planned by intelligence agencies.

“Where are the Russian forces? Either there is a failure and the Russian forces cannot secure this region or there was Russian collaboration.”

Continued Bino: “I ask, what was the terrorism: The taking of hostages or the operation to release them? I am surprised at Moscow. … They used BZ gas, which is internationally banned and is a new substance manufactured by Russia. They refused to give it to the hospitals in order to produce the antidote. Suddenly, the kidnappers acted with such ease, even though it is known that the Beslan school area is surrounded by tanks and planes.

“I am surprised at the Russian media and surprised that the Arab media repeats what is said in the Russian media. They always accuse the Arabs and claim there are Arab elements, but as of yet, we have not seen on TV Arab faces who participated in the operation.”

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