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Al-Qaida plans to use Mexico as a key infiltration route for sending operatives into the United States, according to a Mexican newspaper.

Mexican intelligence agencies have identified at least two routes for al-Qaida infiltration, the Proceso newspaper reported last week.

The infiltration plan calls for terrorists to depart South Africa for London and then take a non-stop flight to Mexico or a Central American nation and from there use migrant smuggling routes to reach northern Mexico and the United States.

Two of three suspected al-Qaida terrorists recently arrested in England and Pakistan had passed through Mexico with South African passports.

Another suspect, a Saudi national, is being sought in northeastern Mexico after traveling through Panama, Honduras, Nicaragua and Guatemala.

Adnan Shukrijumah is a key al-Qaida figure in North America. He was tracked to Sonora, Mexico, in August and is being sought by the FBI.

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