In a tape seized by authorities, radical Islamic cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri is heard urging Muslim women to breed children for the purpose of creating suicide bombers.

Lauding a mother who encouraged her son to carry out a suicide bombing in Israel, the British-based leader said in the lecture: “Everywhere, these are the women of mass destruction to the kuffar [unbelievers], and these are the action [sic] that put terror in their hearts.”

The recording, one of dozens handed over to authorities, was reported by British investigative journalist Neil Doyle in his new book “Terror Tracker,” which chronicles his efforts to penetrate the internal workings of the al-Qaida terrorist network.

Hamza has been indicted by the U.S. on 11 terrorism charges. Authorities are studying the tape to build a case for the cleric’s extradiction to the U.S, Doyle said.

Hamza is at the high-security Belmarsh prison in east London pending a court hearing.

The recordings were discovered by a British undercover investigator who infiltrated Hamza’s group at the Finsbury Park mosque in London.

In the lecture reported by Doyle, Hamza refers to a suicide bombing in Israel and says: “Last week we seen a mother … she put happiness in the hearts of every Muslim on earth and for years to come.

“She took her son, she took him herself, and she filmed a video with him for him to go and do a martyrdom operation against the Zionists.

“She’s encouraging him. She’s left a message for the Ummah [Islamic nation] – “this is my son, I’m giving him for you, for the Ummah of Mohammad to wake up, for the mothers to follow!

“And he wrote a will and said how much his mother she was encouraging him. And she was waiting all night and after that he went for his mission. Waiting all night, not for the news that her son had passed his A-level [British school exam] or he has got his degree, or he has married the most beautiful woman in the club, but he was shaheed [martyred] and he inflict a lot of suffering and terror in the hearts of Zionists!

“… this happened right now in the front of us, in the television [sic], we have seen the tape, you’ve seen the video – if you haven’t seen it, go and ask for it!

“Everywhere, these are the women of mass destruction to the kuffar [unbelievers], and these are the action [sic] that put terror in their hearts.

“This kind of women, when they miss their killed children, they don’t go and look for their graves … they look for their position in paradise, so they become more happy, more anxious to go and see them, they want to sacrifice more and more.”

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