WASHINGTON – WorldNetDaily.com and Nashville-based Cumberland House Publishing have formed a new book publishing partnership for 2005 and signed the best-selling co-author of “Unfit for Command” to a contract for his next book.

Cumberland House Publishing, a best-selling trade publisher founded in 1996 by Ronald Pitkin, is known for its critically acclaimed non-fiction titles, and most recently, political and current affairs titles.

WorldNetDaily was founded in 1997 and has become one of the most popular Internet news providers. It was also the first Internet news provider to launch its own book publishing enterprise – WND Books in 2001.

The new WND Books imprint was forged to bring news-driven topics into a medium where the truth has finally found a platform.

“This is not about politics,” explains Farah. “This is about ideas. The old labels are breaking down. They mean different things to different people at different times in different places. This is about the search for truth.”

Farah says the philosophy and mission of WND Books remains the same.

“When WorldNetDaily launched seven years ago, there were few if any media outlets living up to the obligations of a free press,” he said. “No longer watchdogs of the state, the newspapers and broadcast news agencies had become de facto mouthpieces for it. With WND Books we took that watchdog, town-crier role to a slightly older medium, the printed page. Like the mainstream media, there is a void in the traditional book-publishing marketplace, where those seeking to criticize the ‘statist quo’ are rejected and doors are shut in the faces of those advancing a vision of America that mirrors the founders’ view. We work with authors seeking to expose the lies and spin constructed around government abuse and fraud while working to recapture the vision of America’s founders.”

In Farah’s search for exposing the truth, he found an enthusiastic partner in Cumberland House Publishing.

“An imprint like WND Books requires a match of independent thinkers – and that’s what we have between WorldNetDaily.com and Cumberland House,” says Farah.

The first book to be released under the new WND Books imprint comes from best-selling author Jerome Corsi. “Atomic Islam: How Terrorist Iran Bought the Bomb and U.S. Politicians,” an explosive book from the co-author of “Unfit for Command,” exposes the influence of the terrorist Iranian government over the U.S.

Revealed are the repressive regime’s funding of international terrorists, its influence on American politicians to acquire nuclear fuels, its exchange of significant campaign contributions to well-placed political leaders for normalization efforts, and its intentional manipulation of oil prices to continue the high level of funding required for its international exploits. “Atomic Islam” will be released in the spring of 2005.

“For me, publishing is a near-sacred vocation,” says Cumberland House President Pitkin, “and I believe it is my responsibility to publish books that tell the truth and tell it well. In that regard, WND Books and Cumberland House are well-suited for each other. I admire Joseph Farah’s willingness to give voices to authors whose viewpoints have been largely ignored by establishment media, and I am looking forward to publishing books that thoughtful people cannot ignore.”

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