Michael J. Fox is a famous TV and movie star. He is witty. He is charming. A few years ago, we learned he has Parkinson’s disease.

PD is a slowly progressive neurological disorder, characterized by tremors, shuffling gait, a masklike facial expression, “pill rolling” of the fingers, drooling, intolerance to heat, oily skin, emotional instability and defective judgment (although intelligence is rarely impaired).

PD is currently incurable, although there are several methods to slow its advancement, including drug therapy and surgery.

PD is tragic, particularly in Fox’s case, because it rarely afflicts persons under 60 years old.

Yet everyone faces tragedy at one time or another, in one form or another. A person’s moral fiber is revealed in tragedy.

So we learned through Fox’s affliction that he has either extremely poor judgment or a diabolical character flaw. He supports human embryonic stem-cell experimentation, thus contending that some humans are subhuman and expendable for others’ personal gain.

We know there is nothing new under the sun. So Fox’s character flaw is not new, just a variation of the worst of human behavior throughout history.

Slaveholders thought those whose lives and deaths they controlled were “property,” as the U.S. Supreme Court determined in the 1857 Dred Scott decision. Hitler thought Jews were evolutionary mistakes. The Islamic government of Sudan currently has it in for black Christians.

Different day, different holocaust.

As is always the case, the powerful determine the fate of the powerless, and if the powerful don’t hold the view that all humans are created equal, then the powerless end up enslaved or dead.

Some may think I’m going over the top to compare Fox to slave owners or Hitler or the Sudanese government. “Fox is a nice guy, and he’s sick. Be nice.”

If you think that, your sympathies are misplaced. Fox advocates killing certain people to experiment on them “for the greater good” simply because those people don’t look like we do – yet. This is odd, because some day Fox won’t look like most people either.

If Fox wanted to kill a football stadium full of toddlers to experiment on them, I doubt anyone would think he was normal, and I doubt anyone would bear with his barbaric rambling to be nice.

But using Fox’s logic, experimentation of 2-year-olds should be acceptable. Toddlers are certainly far less developed on the human continuum and don’t look at all normal by adult standards. The reason they are called “toddlers” in the first place is because their oversized heads and bellies cause them to “toddle” when they walk.

Scientifically speaking, a human is a human from the instant of fertilization, no matter what phase of development. “Take that single cell of the just conceived zygote, put it next to a chimpanzee cell, and ‘a geneticist could easily identify the human. Its humanity is already that strikingly apparent,'” said Randy Alcorn in his newly released book, “Why Pro-Life?,” quoting from “Preview of a Birth.”

I’ll worry about Fox’s feelings after he stops using his considerable influence to convince the American public to support taxpayer-funded human embryonic stem-cell experimentation. Fox is not only pushing an ideology on me that advocates the destruction of human life, but he also wants to force me to pay for it. What gall.

I feel sorry for Fox’s kids. Flashing them either forward or backward in one of Fox’s “Back to the Future” movies, they are in lose-lose situations.

The future Fox wants to create for his three daughters looks bleak. No longer will only hens lay eggs for human consumption if Fox has his way. His daughters will be exploited for their eggs, too, because the only source of these pre-embryos is women. It is foolish to think technology will be sated by the availability of today’s orphaned embryos, as is now the spin.

And in an altered past, Fox would have allowed the dissection of his days-old embryonic children so he could surgically ingest them in an effort to cure his own ailments – high tech cannibalism.

It’s funny that Fox calls himself a vegetarian.

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