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Since new CIA Director Porter Goss blocked the October Surprise agency left-wingers had prepared against Bush (discussed in “Porter At The Pass” last week), they desperately rigged another one, working with Mohammed ElBaradei at the U.N.

What nobody is focusing on in Al Qaqaagate is that the CIA is behind it. The anti-Bush lefties are now known as the “Rogue Weasels” at Langley, and they are frantic to do whatever they can to elect Kerry. They cooked up this entire phony “tons of missing explosives” scandal, sweet-talked the head of the U.N.’s nuclear inspection agency, ElBaradei, to carry their water and leak it to CBS – which drooled at the opportunity to spring the story on election eve. They then briefed Kerry and prepared his instant assault on Bush once the surprise broke.

But some clever pro-Bush Langley folks, seeing they couldn’t spike the story at CBS, sweet-talked the New York Times into jumping the gun, spoiling the surprise and giving the Bush campaign time to tear the phony scandal apart. Then they leaked it to Drudge, whose website promptly blew the lid off the whole scam.

The Al Qaqaa scandal (the site of the “missing” explosives in Iraq is named Al Qaqaa – isn’t that just too beautiful?) becomes Al Qaqaagate, and Kerry ends up looking like the opportunist fool he is, so clueless he doesn’t realize he’s accusing American soldiers in Iraq of “incredible incompetence” rather than Bush.

This was the last gasp of the Rogue Weasels. Porter’s Purge is coming – upwards of 80 Bush-hating left-wing Kerry stooges are going to be fired at the CIA in November. Looks like the pro-America guys are going to be running the Company once again.

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