In 1992, Republicans got a good look at an obscure governor from Arkansas and decided that even though they didn’t want George Bush Sr. – champion of a new world order – no way did they want another Roosevelt liberal in the White House. Their option became “hold your nose and vote” because the elitist power brokers behind the scenes made certain Bush Sr. would be their standard bearer in that election. There was no choice for those of us seeking a pro-Constitution, “America first” president.

In 1996, the Grand Old Party decided that out of all the qualified, talented men in our country who could be president of these united States of America, they offered up Bob Dole – a sure loser. Once again, the party faithful were dismayed at the choice. But, off to the polls they went, holding their noses while they voted. Whether it was enough nor not, we will never know – not with electronic ballot machines running the show. Once again, America got Bill Clinton, the man who sold our national security secrets to the Communist Chinese and dirtied the White House with his sexcapades.

In 2000, the rallying cry was “Anyone but Gore.” And, who did the power brokers behind the scenes offer up to the GOP faithful? Why, the son of new world order scion George Bush Sr. Millions of Republicans didn’t want the junior Bush, but no way would they vote for Al Gore, his ultra-liberal beliefs and a continuation of the Clinton agenda. Hold your nose and vote once again became their only option on Election Day.

In each of these elections, Republicans were actually voting against the other candidate, just as they will do on Nov. 2, 2004. It will be the same for Democrats who would never vote for a Republican, heaven forbid! While many Democrats have stated they don’t want this old reprobate and his smarmy running mate, they will hold their nose and vote for these two Johns anyway. In other words, they will vote against Bush. Classic Sun Tzu and the herding technique.

The question begs: How could any true Christian, much less a Catholic, ever vote for a pusillanimous huckster like John Kerry who supports the murder of unborn babies and the homosexual culture of death? How can any Christian vote for a pro homosexual, pro-abortion politician in exchange for “protecting social security,” the illusion of creating more jobs, more money for the unconstitutional federal Department of Education or more affordable health care? How cheap the defenseless unborn have become in this country.

There are those who will say you have to compromise. I am reminded of the scene in “Braveheart” when William Wallace has an exchange with the Princess of Wales where she tells Wallace you have to compromise. Wallace fires back quite passionately, “It’s how slaves are made!” At what point does one stop compromising away their principles and beliefs in exchange for empty promises made by empty suits out of blind loyalty to a political party?

Why do Americans keep doing the same thing over and over every four years? There are options. Yet, Republicans seem unwilling to walk away from a party whose agenda no longer represents a conservative foundation and pays lip service to the Constitution. Those who fought a war against a king for our freedom would never have chosen this path:

If ye love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you. May your chains set lightly upon you; and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.

– Samuel Adams

GOP faithful say that a third party can’t win. Why is that? A political party grows and becomes competitive when individuals join that party. A one-time protest vote while holding your nose will never bring the kind of change we need to save this country from what’s just over the horizon. There are four years between presidential elections. That’s four years for Americans to search their hearts and decide once and for all that if their political party no longer represents the best interests of America, then it’s time to walk away, register with another and build it into a viable competitor for its candidates.

Parties come and go, but the absolute one thing that should be a constant is those serving in public office must be uncompromising individuals who will stay true to constitutional principles.

For almost 100 years, beginning when Wilson was put into the White House, America has been held hostage by outside interests who control our political and monetary systems. How many more elections will Americans go to the polls to vote against the other candidate while holding their noses? How much longer will this insanity continue? The destiny of our beloved republic lies in your hands and what you do over the next few years. Are you up to the task?

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