With Californians voting overwhelmingly to borrow $3 billion to begin cloning for stem-cell research, it’s just a short leap to the suggestions of an Indian scientist who proposes breeding headless humans to be used for harvesting organs and other forms of commercial exploitation.

That’s the notion put forth by P.B. Desai, former director of the Tata Medical Center, who addressed the issue in a speech Friday titled “Conquest Over Mortality,” according to the Indo-Asian News Service.

“Science is moving at such a fast pace that scientists have proven that they can create headless mice through removal of genes in embryo that control development of the head,” said Desai. “But the body would have the capacity to keep the organs functional for use as transplants.”

Desai floated the idea at a meeting of the Chicago-based International College of Surgeons in New Delhi.

Desai anticipates restrictions on the creation of a headless human being who has the capacity to keep organs functioning but no thinking mind.

“The ultimate aim of science and medicine is toward immortality,” he said. “But I personally think a human being has to first learn to be a man, and once you learn the value of finite, you will not play god.”

The quest for immortality could lead to the creation of headless humans for commercial exploitation and plunder of organs, Desai said.

“Embryonic stem cell, which holds promise of cure of any organ, is but a slow move toward immortality,” he said. “The capability of stem cells is amazing as they can reproduce any organ.”

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