Tuesday’s election has produced a county-by-county U.S. map strikingly similar to the one produced by the 2000 presidential contest with vast swaths of red, representing Bush territory, surrounding bits of Kerry blue.

In 2000, the map served as an explanation for how then-Gov. George W. Bush could win the electoral-vote count and not the popular vote against then-Vice President Al Gore. Gore won the populous but geographically small urban areas.

2000 election map

Since the 2000 election, political pundits and commentators have used the verbal shorthand of “red state” and “blue state” to refer to areas predominantly Republican or predominantly Democratic.

This year’s map, though not complete, is starkly similar to the one from 2000.

2004 election map

Bush won 279 electoral votes to Kerry’s 252. The victor in Iowa, which controls seven electoral votes, has not yet been declared.

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